You CAN Use Multiple Coupons at Once!

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You CAN Use Multiple Coupons at Once!

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Trips to the mall are usually fairly uneventful for me. I'm usually there to keep my wife company, or to supervise my daughter shopping with her friends. But unless I happen to find myself staring at a wall of BBQ cookbooks at the bookstore, mall experiences usually fall under the "take it or leave it" heading. 

But every now and then, something happens that makes it memorable.

On one such trip, I found myself following my wife around a store that sells candles, soaps and other bathroom related amenities. I smelled countless lotions and candle fragrances to the point that everything smelled the same. My wife was not amused when I started describing each scent as either fruit salad, or prairie. But I think I got my point across.

She declared she was ready to go, and walked up to the checkout counter. 

The entire bill rang up to just over $40, which was then reduced due to a coupon she presented to the cashier for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more.

 "Oh, wait, I also have this one," said my wife.

The cashier looked at the new coupon, redeemable for a free signature item with a purchase of $10. The girl behind the counter explained that we couldn't use both coupons on the same transaction. This is the point where I usually back away and pretend to be browsing at a nearby display because a "discussion" was about to occur regarding the use of both coupons.

I'm usually a fairly passive guy in these kinds of situations, and would have just accepted what the cashier said, and would have made a point to use the second coupon the next time we were at the mall. 

But that's not how my wife operates.

I heard her explain to the cashier that her purchase was for enough to satisfy both requirements.

She went on to describe to the cashier she had two options:

1.) She could remove a few items from our basket and make one transaction for just over $30 and apply the first coupon. Then ring up the remaining items and apply the second coupon.

2.) She could save them both some time and apply both coupons on the same transaction.

Either way, she was going to be using both coupons that day.

"I see what you mean," the cashier responded.

Despite her initial resistance and insistence that the system wouldn't let her use both coupons at the same time, she suddenly was able to make it work. The way my wife sees it, coupons are a license to save money, and anything in the fine print is simply negotiable. 

When it comes to negotiating, my wife usually wins.

Have you ever talked a cashier or salesperson into bending the rules a little to save you some money?

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Travis Pizel, debt management plan customer with leading provider of debt relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Travis Pizel

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  • Wait, are you telling me there are scents beyond just fruit salad or prairie?  

    I think I would typically back down as well when it comes to this situation, but perhaps that's why I leave it to my wife to negotiate these types of things. She's not afraid to ask for that extra discount.  I guess maybe I shouldn't be either.

  • Love this! Your wife is awesome. I don't argue much at checkout either, but I've definitely used two coupons in one sitting and know it can be done. Isn't it amazing how the cashier was able to "make it work" after all?

  • @Peter - believe it or not, there ARE more fragrances!  :)  I know I shouldn't be hesitant to ask, after all the worst they can do is say no - there's no harm in trying.  I just feel uncomfortable doing it...and I hate feeling uncomfortable.  :)

  • @kendal - She is definitely awesome...we compliment each other well.  When an extra "push" is needed, she goes to work.  When a cooler head is required, then I'm up to bat.  thanks for stopping by!

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