What Does Stocking up Mean to You?

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What Does Stocking up Mean to You?

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It's the phrase that popped into my head recently when I came across a fantastic sale on charcoal. Twin packs of grill fuel shrink wrapped together for the usual price of a single bag. It's a phrase that maybe you've used once or twice as well.

But what does stocking up really mean?

Generally speaking it means buying more of a product than one would normally because of the great price. I was planning on only buying one bag of charcoal that day, so technically buying anything more than one would have been "stocking up." But I had bigger plans than that.. 

I had visions of turning my garage into a charcoal warehouse.

I smiled at the thought of telling an employee to get a fork truck and bring the whole pallet up to the checkout counter for me. I quickly came back to reality and remembered I had a grocery budget I had to stay within. I threw one twin pack in the cart and completed my shopping.  After checking out, I found that I was under budget by enough to get a second twin pack. 

When I got home, I told my wife about the great sale, and that we should try to get more if we could.  I was determined to find ways to take full advantage of the sale.

  • A few days later I filled up our car with gas, but didn't use our full gasoline budget. I stopped by and bought another twin pack.
  • We made some choices with our entertainment activities aimed at having some left over funds. Two more twin packs placed neatly in my garage.
  • The following weekend I again made room in the grocery budget, and more charcoal got a ride home with me.

In all, 8 twin packs (16 bags total) of charcoal were purchased before the inventory ran out.  I wish I had more time, or I would have squeezed the budget even more.  It was a fantastic sale, and I feel great about the fact that I was able to stock up, without busting my budget.

What does "stocking up" mean to you? 

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  • Target frequently has toilet paper on sale. If you get two packs of a certain size, you get the sale price AND they give you a $5 gift card. Combine the sale price with a coupon and it is a really good deal. Then save the gift card for the next sale. Use a coupon and the gift card to make it a fabulous price and then get another gift card again. This cycle can almost be never ending. And toilet paper never expires.

  • Great tip, @Kathy!  I typically buy my toilet paper from Costco, but it's worth comparing and seeing which is the better deal - thanks!

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