Three Ways Your Smart Phone Can Save You Money

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Three Ways Your Smart Phone Can Save You Money

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I've seen it a hundred times. Well, I mean I happened to have heard it as I happened to be walking through the room as my wife watches a popular courtroom TV show. 

I would never watch that kind of show. 

The judge reprimands the plaintiff or defendant for not taking a picture of apartment damage, a car accident, or whatever the subject matter of the case was. The pictures would document the proof needed to win the case, but without it people's memories are many times unreliable. 

"Do you have a cell phone? Why wouldn't you just snap a picture?" she would ask.

Today's cell phones can do so much with just the touch of a few buttons, including saving you money. 

Here are three ways I use my smart phone to keep me on budget, and get the most for my money.

  1. Camera: I'll be walking down the aisle at a store and see something that I want to buy. Maybe not that instant, but eventually. I want to price compare with other stores, so I pull out my phone and snap a picture of the package, and then of the price. When I get to another store I can easily compare the product specifications and price.
  2. Calculator: When I'm grocery shopping, my calculator is keeping a running total of what's in my cart. My grocery list has a rough estimate of the costs, but sometimes exchanges are made on the fly while shopping. I know how much my grocery bill is before I wheel into the checkout lane, which means I'm on budget 100% of the time.
  3. Email: Are there any retailers that do not promise to send you special offers through email these days? A trip to the mall isn't a trip to the mall until I show the cashier a scanable UPC code in an email to take some money off our bill.

These three methods features that are on virtually every phone, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. I know there are other apps that can be used to find coupons, and price compare with other stores in your area.

If you're going to have a smart phone, why not let it help you be smart about saving money!

Do you have a favorite way that your cell phone helps you save money?

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Travis Pizel, debt management plan customer with leading provider of debt relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Travis Pizel

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  • Something that makes smartphones so crucial to our day by day lives is their effectiveness. The speed with which you can do errands on a smartphone is practically unparalleled. Truth be told, there are a few events in which they may even be quicker than using PCs.

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