Use Trick-or-Treat Coupons to Save Money

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Use Trick-or-Treat Coupons to Save Money

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The ghosts and goblins will soon be knocking on your door hoping for super treats to fill their buckets and sacks. 

Are you thinking "budget buster"? Are you thinking, maybe, you won't treat this year - you'll just keep the lights in the house off and pretend not to be home? 

Truthfully, I am guilty of the pretending not to be home thing. 

The year I did that I felt so guilty and I missed out on so much fun talking with the tricksters. I didn't put out my famous "glowing and making creepy sounds" pumpkin so I couldn't chuckle when the littler kids (and some of the big ones too) screamed and hugged their mom or dad's leg for protection. That Halloween was nothing but a bummer! 

This year, things will be different because I have a plan. 

I didn't think this up myself; I got the idea last year when my granddaughter showed me her Halloween goodies. Mixed in among all the candies, wax teeth and pencils were several trick-or-treat coupons from McDonald's. 

To me, this was very interesting and I visited our local McDonald's the very next day to check in to the cost of these coupons.

McDonald's sells trick-or-treat coupons each year prior to Halloween. You get 12 coupons for a mere $1.00 per coupon booklet. There are coupons for 3 Free Bags of Apple Dippers, 3 Free Small Apple Juices or Milk Jugs, 3 Free Small Cones, and 3 Free Hamburgers.

That means for a mere $1.00, you can treat 12 kids. 

You certainly can't get that deal at Walmart, Target, Walgreen's or CVS.  

I consider myself to be a frugal shopper, saving money when ever and where ever I can. So, I will be heading to McDonald's prior to Halloween this year to spend $5.00 on trick-or-treat coupons. That means I will be able to happily gift 60 kids. 

If I don't have 60 kids and have coupons left over, I'll give them to my granddaughter as incentives for good things she does to help around the house. Pick up your toys - 1 coupon; feed the cat - 1 coupon, help unload the dishwasher - 1 coupon. 

This is a no-brainer! 

Here's wishing all of you a Happy, Frugal Halloween!!

Kimberly Johns, Debt Management Plan Customer with Leading Provider of Debt Relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Kimberly Johns

Kimberly is enrolled on the CareOne Debt Management Plan (DMP). Kimberly is very active in the Community Forums, some of you may recognize her Community user name; Tiquie. Recently retired, Kim shares how she and her husband manage the financial challenges of living on a fixed income in their home state of Illinois. The John's have found some really creative and fun ways to offset the limitations of a retirement income. Kimberly generously shares smart and tested tips in her A Straight Talk on Debt blog! Compensated Blogger for CareOne Debt Relief Services.

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  • I like the idea. Going to check my local store.

  • Next October, hit post by accident.

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