April, 2011

Balancing It All

Struggling to balance all that an established lifestyle has to offer? The balancing it all group is for you. Discuss the challenges you face when your responsibilities at work, at home and with family and friends all compete for your attention.

Divorce, Debt, and Finances

Tips, Struggles and Successes navigating Divorce, Debt and Finances
  • Divorce, Debt, and Finances

    The Other D-Word


    Debt. As you face the many challenges after a divorce you may be left with this four letter word. Many of us are panic stricken and think we have to file for bankruptcy to get out of it. Debt may have been the cause of your divorce, a catalyst, or just the result of the financial strain divorce places on your budget.  

  • Divorce, Debt, and Finances

    Should You Live With Your Ex?


    Today couples face the reality of foreclosure, short sales and houses that sit for a year or more. What do they do? Lose their shirt and sell well under value, if at all? Or, continue to live with their soon to be ex spouse, potentially with children in tow until things look up? Tough call and a decision I was glad not to have to make.

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