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Healthy & Wealthy After Divorce

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Healthy & Wealthy After DivorceBreakups are often the catalyst for change; a new you and new goals for your future. Unfortunately, we often use every excuse in the book to keep us from reaching those goals.

Now is the time to take a stand for you and resolve to be healthy, and wealthy. You can do it, here's how!

Budget Time for You

After going through the trials and tribulations of a divorce many of us find ourselves out of shape and out of cash; the first step to a new you involves budgeting time for you. The time could be used for mental, physical or financial health. The point is, it is for you; not your job, not the kids, and not your family.

Mental health

  • Consider talking to someone.  Divorce is one of the leading causes of depression. If you feel you are headed in this direction check your insurance plan and see if mental health assistance is covered. Schedule a visit with a psychologist or behavioral health specialist to just talk it out. Not thrilled with the idea of professional help? Find a trusted friend to confide your feelings and emotions to; just getting it all out there can make a huge difference.
  • Find your inner peace.  I would have never considered taking yoga, but a close friend invited me to join her one Saturday morning and I loved it! It was an hour of breathing, stretching, and contortionist poses, but I left feeling at peace with myself.
  • Take up a new hobby or pick up an old one again.  I used to love to read, but when I was married there seemed to be little time for it. So I fell in love with reading again and often find myself lost in a good book.

Physical health

  • No gym membership required.  You don't need an expensive gym membership to get fit! Take a walk around your neighborhood, jog your local high school track, or consider riding your bike at a nearby state park. Just being outdoors can be a mood booster and soon you will find you look forward to daily exercise.
  • Just say no to fad diets.  You may be feeling overweight and out of shape but this is no reason to jump on the fad diet bandwagon. Instead, learn to eat healthy and make it a habit. Trade in your fast food lunches for healthy ones made at home, shop the perimeter of the grocery store and consider joining a free online diet plan.
  • Grab a buddy.  For some reason we all seem to do better with sticking to our goals when we have a buddy along for the ride. Find a friend, neighbor or relative to help keep you honest with your workouts and your new healthy lifestyle.

Financial Health

  • Create a Budget.  Take the time to track expenses first so you can start off on the right foot. Now that you have a benchmark you can create a budget that works with your fixed and variable expenses that keeps you from being in the red each month.
  • Pay down debt.  Depending on your situation you may be dealing with debt from your divorce. In order to be as financially healthy as possible you will want to develop a plan of attack for your debt. If you are not sure where you stand take a few minutes to pull your credit and determine your debt load. If you find after completing your budget that there is not much room for debt payments consider your debt relief options.
  • Save, save, save.  Easier said than done when your budget is already stretched to the max, but it is important to make saving a line item in your budget; pay yourself first

I know firsthand what it is like to go through a divorce, I've been there. It seems as if your entire life is spiraling out of control, but the good news is you can make the changes you want to be mentally physically and financially fit. The power is in your hands...

What was your "defining" moment after your divorce; the one that made you look inside yourself and say I NEED to make changes to my life?

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