Spring has sprung and so have your closets, cabinets, and drawers. You know what I am talking about, clutter!

I am far from a neat freak but there is something comforting about keeping things organized. If you have kids you know that this is almost impossible to manage on a daily basis; but spring is the perfect time to create some order and boost your spirits and space.

If you have been reading my blog you know that my family of two has become a family of four and we are living in tight quarters. So my goal with spring cleaning this year is to create as much space as possible, in the space that we have. Involving the kids and my husband will allow us to spend a day together as a family and get everyone involved! I have officially scheduled "Family Clean-Up" day for next Saturday. My husband is not allowed to say he has other plans, and the kids have been told they are going to help.

Here are some tips for a successful family cleanup day.

  • Set the mood.  I always work better to music. My kids love when we blast the radio in the car and living room, they dance, sing along, and get the giggles. So turn up the radio, plug in your iPod, or gather some CD's and set the mood for cleaning.
  • Gather supplies.  This job falls on me as the organizer of the event. The biggest challenge in our home is going to be reducing clutter. So I have purchased several totes, tubs, and closet organizers to accomplish this task. Trash; we all have it lurking in our bedrooms, kitchens, and baths. Broken pieces of toys, empty containers in the medicine cabinet, and mismatched Tupperware in the kitchen, pitch it! Set up a rule, "If you don't use it, pitch it!" This will help to eliminate clutter, re-gain space, and establish an overall sense of accomplishment.
  • Food.  My family is motivated by food! Gather some favorite snacks, plan a doughnut breakfast, and order pizza for lunch. This gives everyone something to look forward to and you may be surprised by their extra effort when tempted with the reward of usually forbidden favorites.
  • Assign tasks.  Give everyone a specific task. The kids task is to separate their toys into; keep, donate, and trash piles. My husband will be assigned to replacing and installing fixtures, shelving, and other organizational apparatus. My job will be to go room to room, top to bottom, and organize and oversee the operation.
  • Capture the event.  While spring cleaning is a chore, it can also be fun. This is a great opportunity to capture everyone in an everyday moment, the most precious of all. So keep your camera or video recorder handy and get everyone in action.
  • Reward yourselves.  Plan to have a fun evening. Movie night,  an ice cream outing, or a round of mini-golf; my kids will probably choose the third option as this is a summer favorite. Enjoy being together as a family and talk about the day's events.

Who knew spring cleaning could be so much fun! Please share your family's spring cleaning tips in the comments; I would love to hear them!