Single and Settling In

Single life has its own unique challenges, personally and financially. Hear how these bloggers are making the single life work for them.
  • Single and Settling In

    Teaching Kids About Money

    You will have to excuse me, but I have to tirade for a minute. Why in the world are we as a country not doing more to educate our kids about being financially responsible? You can say I’m crazy because our kids don’t need to know that at this point in their life, and I would agree with you, except….look at our country! I don’t care whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Liberal, black, white, green or purple – we are an over indulgent nation and nothing is going to change unless we start to help people understand what financial responsibility is. We are in a “recession”, so what are we doing? Spending more to try and get out of it, except it’s not working and we seem to be getting deeper and deeper. The result, we still have to pay it back or our kids will or our kid’s kids will and so on. Granted this is a much bigger scale than the debt you and I are facing, but how much different is it really? When I made the “decision” to use credit cards or buy things that I truly couldn’t afford and then took ...
  • Single and Settling In

    What Are You Looking For?

    I have been doing posts for a little over a month now and watching how the responses are to my blog and also the others that CareOne offers. My question to you is: what is it you really want to know? This is a resource for you to utilize and based on the number of views tracked in the blogs, I think I have an idea, but want you to tell me. There are many areas of debt related stories and advice I can give to those who are single or aren’t single, but it isn’t going to help any unless it is what you want to know about. Are you looking for the “silver bullet”? The one thing that will make all your debt go away? If you are, I don’t have that. Are you wondering if CareOne ...
  • Single and Settling In

    Do You Really Want to Get Yourself Out of Debt?

    On the weekends and even during the week in the evenings, I spend a lot of my time volunteering at a horse rescue farm (see the picture). I started doing this over a year ago for 2 reasons, 1: I love animals – especially horses and 2: it prevented me from spending money in my free time! I am finding that I can learn a lot from my time there, and not only about caring for horses. For example, recently I was talking to the owner of the farm about the phone calls we get from people wanting to bring their horses to us. ...
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