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Don't Stop Having Fun!

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One thing I truly miss now that I am on a strict budget is....entertaining.  I love to have people over and when I do - I like to go all out so that I know friends and family will feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.  That is hard to do now.  I had to start to think of ideas that would still make me a great hostess, but not kill my budget for the week (or month!).  My favorite?  Wine Tasting Party.... (or Beer or Martini or Margarita or you fill in the drink, party).  Instead of being responsible for everyone's alcohol consumption - very pricey, I have had wine tasting parties and told guests to bring your favorite bottle of wine, or two, and when everyone arrives, you set up a wine tasting.  For "snacks", I buy wine pairing favorites.  Sometimes I will even ask guests what kind of wine they will bring so I can be prepared to pare up the foods to the wine:  cheeses, small bite size meats, dips, chocolate, fruit - all make a wine tasting much more fun and gives you lots to talk about when they do or do not go with the wine!  Organize a volunteer day.  I know sounds a bit "cheesy" right?  It works for some, not others.  I have a group of friends that loves to be outdoors, doing things and constantly moving.  They are environmentally conscious and enjoy helping in whatever way they can, so when I want to get together with this group and have a good time, we look at local charities we want to help out for the day and plan on meeting at that location and being put to work.  We love it!  We feel good about helping and all of us pack one "dish" for lunch and when we break we find a place to pull out a blanket and eat together.  Dinner parties - instead of trying to impress people with a fancy and expensive meal - stick to the comfort foods:  Pasta Dinner, Homemade Soups and Antipasto salad or have your get together start after dinner and serve some desserts only.  A lot of fun, good food and not killing the budget.  I learned the best thing about the get togethers at my house or anyone's house - is just that, the get together.  Keep it simple.  Keep it fun.  Keep them guessing what you will do next!

  • You seem to have some pretty good ideas...about entertaining, and not breaking the bank in doing so. I don't have any friends since I moved to this new town that I'm in...but soon hopefully that will change.  My biggest challenge will be to not eat out so much and start making my meals at home...ARGH! LOL

  • That was the hardest for me....I LOVE to eat out.  I adjusted though and now it is a big treat to eat out, so it makes it that much more fun.  Soon enough you will be having get togethers at your house and coming up with some creative and inexpensive ideas to impress!

  • It didn't matter what the cost, I would figure out a way to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. This wasn't even about spending money; it was about keeping me entertained.

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