December, 2009

Single and Settling In

Single life has its own unique challenges, personally and financially. Hear how these bloggers are making the single life work for them.
  • Single and Settling In

    How Did You Do In 2009?


    I am not going to ask you about your New Year's resolutions; you will hear enough of that. I am not going to tell you what to do in 2010 as it relates to your debt.  In fact, I am not going to ask or tell you anything, what I am going to do is remind you that the end of the year is always a good time to put things into perspective.

  • Single and Settling In

    Deck The Walls!


    Are you hosting a  holiday get together?  Have you spent all your time and energy planning what you are going to serve and how many people to invite?  You might be looking around now and realizing that when you are on a budget and trying to get out of debt, sometimes things such as decorations get put on the back burner to save a little something.

  • Single and Settling In

    Project Redecorate #5 - Half Bath

    I save the best, or easiest, for last! One more room and I have completed the redecorating of the downstairs to my home. It took over a year, but well worth it! My home has a fresh, unique look and the best part - no credit cards used, budget still intact and it didn't break my bank! Before I start my journey up the stairs for 2010, I have to finish a small half bath. I like bathrooms, because they are easy and you can really have some fun with them. This is an area that in most cases guests will always go to, so you actually want to make it a comfortable area to be in! My before pics may be hard to see, but for the most part it is a very basic bathroom with very tall, bare, white walls. I am going to really try to do something neat in this...
  • Single and Settling In

    'Tis the Season.....Already?


    I am out walking my dogs in my neighborhood the week after HALLOWEEN and could not believe my eyes! Christmas decorations were already up throughout the neighborhood!  Christmas?  It is barely November!  Not soon after, the Christmas music started on my local radio stations...really?? I have to listen to this for the next 8 weeks? Thinking about the approaching holidays when you are trying to climb out of debt is stressful enough. This year everyone seems to be pushing them up a few weeks earlier, which is enough to make you want to hide until it is all over. Facing down the holidays when you are in debt is scary stuff. Talk about the holiday blues! 

  • Single and Settling In

    My Name is Katie & I am in Debt


    This catch phrase is not just for AA members anymore.  I am single and in the dating scene meeting some great, and not so great people.  At what point do I let others know about my financial situation?  I am almost 35 years old, have a career, own my own home and oh yeah, I have debt.

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