I save the best, or easiest, for last!

One more room and I have completed the redecorating of the downstairs to my home.  It took over a year, but well worth it! 

My home has a fresh, unique look and the best part - no credit cards used, budget still intact and it didn't break my bank! Before I start my journey up the stairs for 2010, I have to finish a small half bath. 

I like bathrooms, because they are easy and you can really have some fun with them.  This is an area that in most cases guests will always go to, so you actually want to make it a comfortable area to be in!

My before pics may be hard to see, but for the most part it is a very basic bathroom with very tall, bare, white walls.  I am going to really try to do something neat in this area, but before I do, every area in my house is ready for the holidays, except this bathroom which is the bathroom that guests will use when I have my holiday party.


I decided it would be fun to show some of the things that I do to decorate for the holidays without spending money on over priced items that you use only once a year.  Take a look at the before pictures of this area and next week I will show you my "after - re-decorating holiday style", which will include some great ideas that you can use anywhere in the house to get into the spirit of things and be ready for holiday guests, then this bathroom will completely be transformed into a new look to complete my downstairs changes.   Don't forget to check out the full-size  bathroom before photos in my Project Redecorate Flickr album. 

Feel free to follow along and share the things you are doing to improve your home both inside and out and together we can turn some white walls into wonderful walls and not kill our wallets in the process! I will be writing several posts for this, so if you'd like to follow the entire journey just click on the tag "Project Redecorate." I know you can't add attachments here so feel free to use photo sharing sites and provide us with the link so we can see your projects. I recommend you try Flickr.  Or if you are really savvy you can upload a video on YouTube and give us a before and after tour! You can share your photos and videos by tagging them with "Project Redecorate" and "CareOne." We can then search for these tags and look at everyone's photos at once.  If you are starting a redecorating project, please share; I need someone to bounce ideas off of.

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