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How Did You Do In 2009?

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I am not going to ask you about your New Year's resolutions; you will hear enough of that. 

I am not going to tell you what to do in 2010 as it relates to your debt.  In fact, I am not going to ask or tell you anything, what I am going to do is remind you that the end of the year is always a good time to put things into perspective.

I personally will take some time to evaluate my 2009.  For the first time, I actually monitored and kept a monthly budget for 12 straight months - now it is time to see where my money went and where it didn't go.  What I can put more into and what I don't necessarily need. 

I am not embarrassed to say, actually I am quite proud to say, that I paid off over $15,000 in my debt under the CareOne program in just over a year.  My debt has gone from over $55,000 to getting ready to dip below $40,000.  In the past, I would have been humiliated to say those numbers and know that people were going to find them overwhelming, now, every month it gets easier to watch those numbers keep going down and my goal of being debt free that much closer.

So, as much as I want to forget about the seriousness of my debt for some time, I have to prepare myself for 2010.  Will the economy improve?  What am I prepared for and what am I not prepared for?  What can I change to help make my life easier?  I am excited for the next year and a little scared at the same time.  I am still in a position where any unplanned emergency or event can put a huge hiccup in my currently successful debt management program.  I can't get too comfortable with where I am as, it can all change in a minute.

I am going to work on a stronger monthly budget.  I am going to work on finding ways to eliminate this debt even before I originally planned to.  I am going to work on finding more ways to help others in this same situation or get to those who are driving straight toward this situation.  I will stay positive.  I am happy with where and who I am today.  It could have been a lot different if I didn't take action a year and a half ago and I gave up after a couple of months like I wanted to.  But it isn't, and I didn't, and in a year from now, I will be telling you that I am thousands of dollars closer to being debt free.  A year is nothing, we all know time flies when... well, you know the rest. 

  • I have found this program to give me peace of mind.

    It is hard, I hope to make a budget and stay on it this year 2010.      Thank you soooovery much for always being there for me in 2009.

  • does any one have ideas to help set up a budget.

  • You are going to find that with each passing day, month and year you are going to continue to have that peace of mind and be so thankful you made the decision to get set-up with CareOne!  I can only imagine where I would be if I didn't get the help that I needed.  As far as setting up a budget, I actually used a Microsoft Excel template - they have several to choose from and you can go simple or as complex as you need.  If you click on "New" it should give you some choices if you type in "budget" - good luck, but don't forget to hold yourself to it!

  • I made tons of headway in 2009. December saw the payoff of the last of my little store credit cards. Now I've got 2 Visas, a Bank of America loan program (from a failed consolidation of my own) and my student loans. Bank of America and one Visa should be paid off by October and the other Visa shortly afterwards. By then I can probably withdraw from the program. All that would be left for me would be a federal student loan. All it's in there for anyway is so that I won't forget to pay it. I'll drop the program then and pay them directly. Since it's a federal loan, there's no break on payment or interest, so I could save the payment to Care One. So that means by next Christmas, I could be well into saving for a down payment for my own house. It's been a real struggle so far, but I'm very close to the end.

  • You are so right - it is a struggle.....but worth it!  Your light at the end of the tunnel is coming quick - think of what you will be able to do.  Happy New Year!

  • I find it ironic, at best, that anyone would turn to anyone on this website for advice relative to a budget!!  Very funny!  We're all here because we are irresponsible, living beyond our means and at the brink of financial destruction.  Do you really want advice from any of us as it relates to a 'budget'?

    Thanks for a good laugh.

  • I have successfully paid off over $15,000 in debt in a year an a half on the budget I finally sat down and set for myself.  I recieved a lot of good ideas from this website and look forward to more to come.

  • LOL, how funny.

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