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If You Are "In To" Valentine's Day, Don't Read This!

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I hesitate even bringing up this February "holiday", but figured some of you currently single folks might need to hear a different perspective on it. 

Sure, I'm engaged this year, but there were many years I was single on February 14th.  The day that pressures everyone to think they have to be in love on that day and spend money to show it!  My thought-Don't give into the hype.  Like so many others it is a day geared toward telling someone you care about how much you care by what you buy them.  Not to mention, the prices on this glorious day are completely overblown to make it that much worse for us all. 

So, take my advice-don't go out to dinner.  Who wants to spend good money on a "limited/special" menu of items normally not even served in that restaurant and in most cases pre-prepared for quantity?  Save the aggravation, try something new at home. Some of my favorites; an all dessert dinner, just appetizers, or try a new recipe.  Do these things alone, with a date, friends, and family, whatever; but make it about doing something fun and different.  Please don't bother with the gifts.  Do something that will mean a lot more than flowers and chocolate. Consider babysitting for your best friend so they can get some alone time for a couple of hours.  Donate a couple of hours of sick or vacation time to your favorite co-worker.  As a matter of fact, don't even do these things on the 14th; do them when people least expect them. 

It is just a day, don't make it an over-rated expensive day, and consider it a day you just do something for you.  Appreciate your loved ones all year; not just on Valentines Day. And remember, it doesn't need to cost a lot of money, just use your imagination!

  • your are so right, it is about the little things that you do for people when they least expect it, that has true meaning.

  • Hopefully others will catch on to our theory!

  • So fun to click on  If you are NOT into Valentines day.  Just wanted to add this holiday is another HALLMARK day.  If you want the chocolates wait till the next day when they are half off.  Or, chance it and wait till 75% off all valentine things.  If I'm right, I think this holiday was a victorian thing.  They didn't spend money they made their own cards  (Hallmark had not yet been invented) and it was "supposed" to be like a secret admirer thing...oh well.

  • shekinah2949 - I like the way you think.  It is amazing the amount of money that is spent on "stuff" that is 75% the next day.  The mark-ups are unbelievable!  At times we are a society that forgets the true meanings of some of these "holidays".  I guess I just want people to know it is OK to not spend on these days, just enjoy your life and those you love!

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