I decided it is time for a wedding planning update.  So, it has been almost 3 months since I got engaged - time truly does fly when you don't want it to!  I am actually running into deadlines and the big day isn't for another 8 months!

Remember my goal was simple and fun.  I have to say, we have been pretty lucky.  We will be doing a "Pre-Ception" with our large extended families in my home town.  We had to book a place to have it because of the number of people, but we found a family run business in the heart of where we wanted it and they are giving us a fantastic deal. Even better, because it is around the holiday's - the decorations will already be up...bonus!

Wings, pizza, cake, drinks, dancing.  Everyone is to wear casual attire to the "Pre-Ception", so even the guests will save money. It is just a celebration; low cost and lots of fun!

From there we are doing a Destination Wedding - why not combine a wedding and a vacation?  Immediate family will be joining us, and we will spend 5 nights at an all-inclusive resort on the beach, in the sun. The resort is providing us with a full wedding ceremony.

My mom is making dresses for my nieces, and my sister - grand total of $64.00 for their wedding attire!  Can't beat it! 

Funny thing is, now that people are starting to hear about what we are doing and the great deal we got for a group rate at the resort....more and more people are making the trip!  Not what we expected, but how fun!  Extended family and friends all in one place celebrating life and love. 

By making arrangements now, we are able to pay over time versus in full. We are all able to make monthly payments, versus coming up with one large sum.  I have a travel agent (through my AAA membership) that is making all the arrangements for us including air fare and transportation. 

I even started a website so that those interested in joining us had a one stop place to get all the details they need to be a part of our special day; all at little or no expense.  I had no idea what to expect when I started planning this adventure and we have come up with so many creative options and ideas. 

The thought that some folks spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their wedding day amazes me - I will have a fairytale wedding and still keep our savings account in tact!