If you have been keeping up with my blogs, you know that I am dedicated to getting out of debt. Here are a few things I truly follow:  stick to a budget, don't add to the debt you are trying to eliminate, and don't spend money on things you don't need. So why would I talk about going on a vacation? 

I have said it before and I will say it again, being in debt doesn't mean you have to stop living your life.  But, you do have to reward yourself every now and again.  I did go on a vacation this year, but I spent over 6 months planning and preparing for it. 

I now have a significant other who works in an industry that does not allow for much time off, so if I want to have a true vacation, I plan for it on my own.  Being single, you might have to consider that.  Even if you have a family, if finances are tough you might have to look at the option of doing separate vacations. 

It isn't as bad as it sounds.  I love the beach.  Give me a few good books and the sun and you won't see me.  My fiancée is the opposite, he has to be doing something all the time or he gets a bit antsy.  So, when I plan my beach vacations, I know it is something he will not enjoy so I plan for me.  Think about the money you save.  I don't care where I stay as long as it is safe and clean.  Dining costs are cut in half and I come back fully relaxed having enjoyed my time away.  My fiancée's idea of a vacation is to go someplace that involves excitement and extreme activity. He prefers a long weekend with friends, cars, or extreme sports. We don't, and won't always vacation separately, but right now it works for us.  That way we can split up the cost and not take the hit with both of us gone at the same time.  We "vacation" six months apart allowing us to spread it out on our budget.

You know we will have to vacation together in December - we are doing the marriage thing then!  The plan is an all-inclusive vacation; a week in a resort that includes EVERYTHING - food, drink, fun...even our airfare, all with a reasonable price tag. Technically, it will be paid for well before we leave, and we really don't need to bring a penny with us if we don't want to.  Now that's a vacation!

When times are tough, whether you are single, with someone, or have a family, sometimes considering things like vacationing separate is not out of the question, nor should it be a bad thing.  There are many adventures out there waiting for you; do your research and find something that sounds exciting to you, and make it happen.  It might be easier than you think.  Think about the stress and money you will save if you truly plan for something you want to do on your much deserved time off!