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Be Your Own Tour Guide

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Do you really know where you live?  I mean really know?  It's funny because I live in a city where every time friends or family come to visit, I take them to other places.  I want to show them the mountains, so we drive 2 hours to see the mountains.  I feel like showing them the beach, so we drive 2 hours to the beach.  I finally decided it was time to learn more about what is in my own backyard!

Once I started to look around where I lived, I was amazed, truly amazed.  I found a historic plantation that held various events almost every weekend - for free!  If I didn't feel like attending an event, I could hike or walk in the woods for miles and miles and view the wonderful scenery I didn't even know existed in my area. 

I finally decided to look into the local whitewater rafting center.. I assumed it cost an arm and a leg so I never tried it. Guess what I found out?  It's free!  Of course you pay to whitewater raft or eat in their restaurant, but there is no admittance fee and their property offers tons of bike and hiking trails. You can pack a picnic and watch the rafters, and even bring your dog....all for free. 

I also explored my own "downtown"; something I typically avoided with any excuse I could use. This time, I parked on the outskirts of the city and rode in on the new rail system. This was definitely a new experience for me and I found it inexpensive and really enjoyable.  I walked around downtown and found a ton of neat stuff. A movie theater you can order dinner in, a side of town that does a gallery crawl for $5 which allowed me to see some great artwork in spaces that I didn't even know existed; even the street vendors were entertaining!

I was truly amazed at everything I could do within 20 miles  of my front door; for less than $30 all weekend.  I felt like I "got away" without having to leave my town.  Best of all, each night I came home to the comfort of my own bed.  So now I have signed up for every local entertainment update I could find and look forward to the e-mails that come in telling me what I will be doing that weekend.  Try it!  Get the local paper, do some research, go on-line and find something about your town or city that you didn't know and tell us about it.  I want to hear about what a great tour guide you have been....for yourself!

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