Last June,  I was living and working in Ireland...and, after seven years of my on-again, off-again relationship, I found myself officially "back on the market" (...or something that makes me sound less like a piece of meat!)  I had transferred over to the Irish office of my Boston-based company a year earlier, taking a leap of faith with the man that I thought was "the one."  Unfortunately, things had gone sour with the relationship.   

So, I had some decisions to make.  Did I stay in Ireland?  I'd made great friends, loved my job and the people I worked with, and adored Kilkenny, the city that I was living in.  (I lived three blocks from a 12th century castle of all things!)  I loved the fact that a cheap, two hour plane ride would land me in Spain or the south of France. But, the weather in Ireland...I can not fully describe the weather.  Imagine wearing a wool June!  Cold, grey, rainy- day in and day out.  I was an East Coast girl- I needed sunshine, boat trips on the Chesapeake, warm Delaware beaches and the lazy days of summer.  So, I decided to move home to the city where I grew up.  I'd been gone for five years, and I missed my family and my childhood friends.  The bad part: quitting my job during the worst economy in over a decade. 

I moved home to my 30 years old.  Talk about feeling like a character from Wayne's World!  I consulted for my company part-time while I job-hunted.  After a few months, I got a job offer with the fabulous Ascend One and began working here.  My best friend and I moved into an amazing apartment and I have to say, things were going famously. 

But, after big life changes like an international move...and a lower salary for the few months I was consulting, I had to find ways to spend responsibly.  Add to that my desire to spend was high -- I was newly single and looking to party!  And what better way to get over a break-up then retail therapy of the cashmere variety and a vacation?! 

Stay tuned for the next post to hear how the budgeting is going!