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Have I Learned Anything?

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I am coming up on year 2 of my Debt Management Plan. Honestly, I never thought it would be possible.  The thought of living without credit cards, learning how to budget, and living within my means, terrified me. Now what terrifies me is the thought of slipping back into that life without realizing it. 

I have learned a lot.  I have learned that I have to be able to balance my lifestyle with my paychecks.  I have learned that right now there is no financial security for me until I am able to have a steady working savings account, and an emergency fund. 

My new worries include what happens if I lose my job, the dogs need surgery, my car breaks down?  Yes, I am better prepared and more conscious of these potential disasters, but the bottom line is, after 2 years of taking responsibility for myself and properly managing my finances, I know I can do it and get through life's hiccups. 

It's funny, I recently received a decent tax refund and decided to spend a little of it on myself.  I hadn't shopped for new shoes or clothes in quite sometime, so I thought I would get myself something new.  I went to a favorite discount shoe store and picked up 3 pairs of shoes - these were ones that I actually needed and would get good use out of.  I had the money for them, I walked to the register....and I couldn't do it.  I could actually afford them and quite frankly they were so discounted it would have been under $100 for 3 pairs of shoes, but I had no desire to use that money for shoes.  When I didn't buy them I went to the bank and put that $100 into my savings account - it was the best feeling! Not so long ago turning down the shoes would have depressed me, now it encourages me.  Gee, almost 35 years old and finally I decide to grow up!

I hate that I will probably have 2 more years in my DMP, but I look back and think about all the worries I had when I started; Would it work?  Was it some kind of rip off?  How can I possibly live without credit cards?  Those worries are long in the past.  Now I think about what I need to do to be debt free and I can make bigger decisions about my financial stability. 

I can't wait to be writing a blog about my last DMP payment.  I am sure that day will be an amazing day as I celebrate my success.  Please share your success stories in the Comments; I would love to hear about them!

  • Congratulations on making it through 2 years on the program! I've almost got one year behind me, and love watching the progress as my debt goes down.  I love hearing stories of how the program not only helps us pay down our debt, but at the same time helps us learn fiscal responsibility.

  • 2 years seemed light years away, well 2 years ago!  It is a good feeling and although it is hard, there is nothing better than watching that debt drop each month!

  • Congratulations! I am a relatively new to Care One, but I already see a difference.  I feel so much better now that I am not using my credit cards and worrying about all of the separate bills arriving in the mail.  Reading your post makes me feel a lot better about enrolling in this program!

  • Welcome aboard!  Let me know if you have any questions as you come across things.  Here's to never using credit cards again!

  • I am so happy for you all. I have about 1 year and 2 months to go before I am finish with the program. I have encourage one of my co-workers to start saving money. I was like you I did not know how I was going to make it without credit cards but it have been awesome being able to pay for things with cash and not worry about a bill coming the next month. I also have been able to save a little also. I am for sure I will have to treat myself big once I make my last payment but it will be a cash payment. ..I cannot wait. It feel sooooo good to have control once again...Everyone hang in there we are in it together and to the end.

  • This article reminds me that being debt free is something that I want, but I have to learn to live within my means. I still have a few cards that are not part of the program and I am paying them off. When I go online and see things that I want, I have to remind myself that  I don't have the money (credit cards). I ask myself do I need the item or is it an impulse buy. An impulse buy is a way for me to deal with the stress of family or other things. I haven't got the budget thing down and I am working on that. Thank you and congratulations on what you have accomplished.

  • Definatley work on that budget....that was the key for me.  Once it is in writing you have proof of what you can and cannot spend and it is harder to convince yourself that you can go out of your budget for something you need.  You have lots of resources, use them!  We are all going through the same thing.  The first couple of months is a hard adjustment, but it is worth it, I never thought I would be able to do it and here I am 2 years into it!

  • Congratulations to all of you, it is very encouraging to hear your stories and comments. I really hope the program works for me I just enrolled in the program and feel very nervous but I am looking foward to not having to worry about multiple staments and calls from creditors and  being able to stay on track with just one monthly payment.

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