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How Fit Are You?

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So about two and a half years ago I decided I wanted to change the way I was living.  One of those changes was to become fit, sure financially fit, but what I didn't bargain for was how becoming physically and financially fit began to work hand in hand. 

I was in a depressed state.  I had reached "rock bottom" when it came to my financial life.  Taking the step to call CareOne was big for me, but at the same time, a weight was lifted off of my shoulders once I knew I was starting down a good path.  With the release of that weight, I started to attack other areas of my life that were causing me stress. 

I was out of shape, lacked motivation, didn't take me long to realize that these issues came as a result of constantly worrying about money and debt.  I enlisted a good friend to start working out with.  We started to run together, we started to work out on our lunch hour together, and eventually we joined a gym and signed up for classes like Hip Hop Hustle, Turbo Kick Boxing, and Pilates.  We were having a blast and getting in shape.  The stress started to melt away, plus we were doing things that cost little, or no money. 

Over the last two years as my debt continued to fall, I looked at my profession in a different way and now look for things to do daily to be the best I can be at work.  I come home feeling like I have accomplished something instead of "just getting through the day". My moods have completely evened out. I relieve stress through my workout sessions and I now use the concept, if I don't have the cash to buy it or I truly don't need it, I don't buy it. No stress, no pressure, no spending. 

By constantly looking for things on the weekends and in the evenings to keep myself busy, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started to enjoy being outside, running with the dogs, hiking, even spending the day inside working on my house. Keeping me busy has opened new doors for me and kept me from spending money to fill a void.  I had no idea that making myself financially fit would also help me become a healthier person overall. Give it a try; what do you have to lose?

  • I believe that being physical and financially fit is the best thing for anyone. I have accumulated more debt and 10 lbs over the last couple of years. I have been telling myself that I have to get moving and reduce my debt. I joined CareOne this year! I am walking more and fixing my lunches instead of eating out. My journey will take a few years. At the end of my journey, I will be physically and financially fit.

  • You are so right!  Funny how extra debt equals extra pounds!  You will do great in the CareOne and feel great about yourself.  Keep up the good work!

  • Its funny how I can really relate to your story, I am 27 and I want to finnally take control of my finances. In the past year I have totally lost track of needs and wants. Credit cards and shopping became my therapy after I got separated from my husband and through the divorce process. My divorce should be finalized in July and I want to get back in track with my life before that. I need to start managing my finances and not go shopping every time I get a mood swing. I am sure excercise can help as an alternate therapy. Thanks for your blogs I am so happy for joining this group.  Thanks Katie for being being motivation to some of us.

  • ngamez82....sounds like you have a lot going on in your life!  You took the right step in deciding to be able to take care of yourself financially....funny how we think buying things will make us feel better!  Glad you are enjoying some of the resources we have here....feel free to let us know what you would like to know about - chances are, we have all gone through it!  Let me know how things are coming along.....

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