The one thing that I desperately needed before I got back into the big, bad world of dating: a trip with my ladies!   

My friends and I decided that the vacation was highly necessary -- breaking the bank was not.  We rented a cottage at the Cape.  We got cheap airfare into Boston through a budget airline, AirTran.  The trip was $39 each way plus taxes.  We found a great deal on a rental car through  For our accommodations, we shared a house on the beach between the 10 of us at $100 each for the week.  Two of us had to sleep on an air mattress, but we would rotate to spread out that lovely night of sleep! 

So...plane ticket, check.  Car, check.  House, check.  All of the fundamentals were in place...and, even better, they were actually affordable!  To help further alleviate costs, the ladies all brought books that we had read to share and exchange with each other.  (I know, we're dorks, but what's the beach without a good beach read?!)   We went out a few times to restaurants and bars, hitting local Happy Hours to save money on food and drinks.  So many places offer half price drinks and apps during the week.  And, to keep meals inexpensive, we would also take turns making dinner.  It was such a nice week: the beach by day and either fun nights out or girl talk over wine on nights in.  And...we managed to do it without saddling ourselves with a chunk of debt. 

To be even more economical this summer, I've made a goal for this year: make friends who have fabulous vacation homes! Anybody out there?