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Have You Thought About a Staycation?

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As I write this today, it's one of the warmest days we've had in a while.  There is not a cloud in the sky and I'm wearing flips-flops for the first time in 2010.  (My feet are desperately in need of a little attention and some nail polish, but don't tell!) So, of course, warm weather...flip flops...vacation is top of mind.   

To continue with my last post's theme of vacations, I thought we could talk about cheap ways to bring vacation home...also known as the "staycation" - a phenomenon growing more and more popular during the current economic climate. 

Staycations can be wonderful, especially if you plan them right.  You can leave the hassle of packing, airports, and traffic behind to enjoy all of the wonderful things about vacation: relaxing, indulging, and exploring. 

R&R:  If you're anything like me, you can't relax in a messy place.  So, to properly unwind at home during your staycation, clean your house before you take time off work. (Or, if you can afford it- hire a maid service for a day.)  But, once the staycation begins, no cleaning or organizing allowed! If sleeping in late is your thing, now is the time to turn off the alarm.  Take a long, hot bubble bath while reading your favorite magazine or head to the library to pick out some books that you haven't had time to read yet.   

Indulge: Vacation is all about pampering yourself.  Buy your favorite foods like the "good" dark chocolate and a nice bottle of wine...or several!  Surround yourself with loved ones too: invite your favorite friends or family members over for a BBQ.  Or for less prep, make some vacation-like drinks (think Daiquiris and Margaritas) and host a Happy Hour.  Maybe take yourself to the spa for the day or out for a nice game of golf!  Treat yourself to some exotic flowers to bring the tropics to your home. One friend who is taking a staycation this summer plans to put tiki torches up on her deck and a hammock in the backyard to add to the luxuriousness of her vacation at home.  She'll be able to enjoy these added touches all summer long.  But, hey, you can afford to spend a little with all of the money you're saving on hotels and transportation.   

Explore: Another important part of vacations is trying new things.  Take some time to explore your area.  Museums, parks, wineries, lakes...there are so many options for activities and day trips no matter where you live in the county.  Plus, if you go on a weekday, you'll avoid the usual weekend crowds.  Head to places you know and love...and also try out a few new places too.  And to add to the exploring theme... try a new activity too.  Maybe you've never attempted to go climbing or horse back riding.  Look into a lesson and give it a go!  Try a new cuisine like Indian or a new restaurant that you've wanted to check out...or use your dream destination as a theme for cooking.  If you're dying to go to Italy, plan a traditional Italian menu for a day. 

Get a little creative and you can have a fabulous time and return to work recharged without a huge dent in your finances! 

  • With gas prices on the rise (locally the average gas price in Baltimore, MD is $3.83 per gallon), there's an adaptation to this quote. Rather, it should be read, "to vacation or staycation; that is the question."

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