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Am I Ready To Share My Debt?

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Strange question, I know.  But when thinking about my blog this week and giving the wedding update last week, it got me thinking.  I have done a darn good job for myself the last two years, financially.  I worked a budget, I paid down a huge amount of debt, I remain credit card free, and really value what I have learned and accomplished.  Am I ready to share that? 

Of course my fiancé knows what has taken place with my debt, but there is a little fear in me that I could slip back into unnecessary spending.  He has had financial problems in the past, but not to the degree I have. What if he just doesn't get my need to be frugal and generally responsible with how we spend our money?  Should we do joint accounts or separate accounts?  I have never had to ask these questions; it has always been just about me. 

He has seen me through many stages of my debt - the good and the bad.  He was right with me when we both had large salaries, buying outrageous things that were so not necessary, but so much fun.  He has seen me roll change to get a grocery store trip in. He has seen me struggle over the last couple of years to make sure I don't fall back down into debt. And, he has gotten excited with me when my retirement fund took form and actually started growing.  We are amazed that we are paying for our wedding with little help from our families because we want to prove that we can do it.  We have truly come full circle to appreciate all we have, and all that we have gone through.  I do look forward to combining our lives and continuing to grow together. 

We have a great example to live from.  My father has been retired for about 3 years; my mother is getting ready to retire this month.  Both worked for many years at good jobs.  Their salaries weren't huge, but their work ethic was.  Now, at age 65, they are doing what so many people thought they would be doing, but aren't.  They are retiring comfortably.  They did it the right way.  No get rich quick, no winning the lottery; just by simply working hard.  We didn't have the top of the line products and clothes, but we never went without. They saved, they didn't overspend, they invested, and most importantly, they knew their limits.  What a way to spend the rest of your life together- by just enjoying each other. 

I hope my fiancé and I will enjoy that same feeling in years to come.  By sharing our debt and appreciating our past mistakes, hopefully we will be sharing our golden years celebrating our success and not worrying about what's not in the bank.  Yeah, I think I'm ready.

  • You have read it a million times on the CareOne website, there is no silver bullet for debt. You have to invest MORE time and MORE effort in getting yourself out of debt than you did getting into it.

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