Best thing about summer?  Eating light.  No one wants to eat when it's hot out.   Who wants to have the stove on, the cookers burning, or even sit in a restaurant on a nice evening?  You want to enjoy the weather, eat light, and be comfortable.  Summer is the best time to visit your local Farmer's Market.  You can get the wonderful fruits and vegetables that are so costly out of season.  Fresh berries mixed in a nice salad makes for a good twist.  Have you ever tried Watermelon Soup?  Delightful!  Corn on the cob on the grill...doesn't get much better.  Take some fresh veggies and mix them in with some pasta, take it out to your patio or porch, add some freshly baked bread, and you have yourself a great meal.

This year I decided to try my own garden...nothing better than garden fresh tomatoes with a touch of mayo or vinegar, and a bit of mozzarella cheese.  Peas in the pod picked fresh - brings back memories.  So for me, yes, summer means being outside, enjoying the pool, and having weekend adventures, but it also brings back memories from a fantastic childhood.  I have a family that had cookouts every weekend, grew our own vegetables in the garden, and loved to try anything different.  My grandfather brought me to our backyard once with 2 buckets of water.  We sat smack in the middle of thousands of dandelions.  He showed me how to pop off the tops and peel the stems back, soak them in water until they curl, and rinse them in the 2nd bucket. When we were done, we collected them, brought them inside, and sprinkled oil and vinegar on them with some salt and pepper--my taste buds was wonderful!

Make fun summer memories with your kids, friends, and family-- whoever is game.  What a great way to try new tastes and take advantage of the grocery store called nature!  Go strawberry picking, blackberry picking, or picking for whatever is in season in your area.  There is a lot to explore with the fruits of summer-- have fun, and happy eating!