Definition According to Webster's:

: to make different in some particular way

: to exchange for an equivalent sum of money (as in smaller denominations or in a foreign currency) 

Just two definitions of a simple word.  Most people will say they hate change.  All kinds of change--having to change lifestyles to overcome an obstacle or having a pocket full of change.  I used to hate change, until I decided to keep it. 

It is really a simple concept and I had no idea how easy it was to keep change and turn it into something.  My niece recently had an opportunity to travel abroad to play soccer.  My father told her that he had some jars of change that he had been filling over the years and she was more than welcome to keep whatever change she rolled herself.  So, she sat down and began to roll; $700.00 later, she decided she had enough!  And there was still more!  It was amazing to me. My father chose to save only quarters and dimes, but in a fairly short period of time, this annoying change amounted to over $700.00, with little effort. 

It was settled; I found a jar and now each day I empty my pockets.  I save everything - pennies, nickels, dimes-- doesn't matter.  When I find a sole dollar in my wallet, I throw that in too.  That little bit of change that seems insignificant is so not when combined over time. 

At times, when funds were low, I turned my change into help with a grocery store visit.  I have also rolled change for spending money for a vacation or a special occasion.  I have to say, once it is rolled and spent, it is a little bit frustrating to look at that empty jar, but it fills quickly.  This time my change has been accumulating over time.  I am not ready to roll it or turn it in yet.  I like watching it grow and knowing it is there for when I really need it. 

What about you?  Are you keeping your change?