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Ready To Give Up on Becoming Debt Free?

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The thought has crossed my mind.  I have been in my DMP for 2 full years now.  There has been more than one time that I have thought about throwing in the towel. 

Usually it is because my monthly budget doesn't work, or I see something that I really want to purchase, but there is just no extra money to spend.  Or a girls weekend getaway comes up and I have to bow out because an unexpected bill came that month.  I don't know what triggered it this time. 

It happened somewhere around the time I was balancing checkbooks, figuring out what bills were coming up, and looking at the low balance of my savings account.  I wanted to give up.  It is an "I feel sorry for me stage."  I know this because I immediately roll my eyes when someone talks about having no money, while they order extra appetizers and a dessert when I skipped a glass of wine for a glass of water because of low cash flow, or when a friend talks about their idea of a recession is when they can't "afford" to heat their pool that year. 

It is days like this when I want to pull out a credit card and go to town.  Go back to the ways of paying on credit cards instead of budgeting and pretending that I have money instead of balancing my checking account.  Honestly, sometimes, those days are calling for me.  Then, of course, reality hits.  Part of me is like "...Whoo- hooo-- over half way through and I will be debt free..." the other half is all "....dang, I still have over a year left before I have some freedom." It wears on you.  You are always questioning whether you did the right thing by starting on a DMP, especially in the beginning. 

Everyone needs a break, but sometimes there is just no way to get one.  I'm allowed a "woe is me" every so often.  I know I got myself here and I know that I have paid off an ENORMOUS amount of debt and it was the best decision I made, but come on, everyone wishes for that magic wand that will make it all go away, right?  Anyway, I had my moment.  I am back.  I simply had to look at my overview on my DMP plan to realize that when I started this point seemed light years away, and now I am here....the light is becoming a little bit closer - there is no way I want it to go out!

Katie Simmons

Katie is a participant in the CareOne Debt Management Plan. Katie is a contributing writer for the Single & settling in blog. Katie's story is not unique.  She lived beyond her means and it caught up to her!  Over 2 years ago she made the decision that no one could get her out of the mess she created with her debt, but her.  Since then, she has embarked on an adventure of learning how to take care of herself without credit cards in her life and how hard it can be to be single and in debt.  She is experiencing every challenge and every success while working her hardest to be debt free. Compensated CareOne Blogger.


  • People who run up their credit cards again have also failed to implement the tools and habits they used to get out of debt, or failed to solve whatever problem is driving them to overspend

  • Yes, we need to understand that we didn't accumulates all these debt at once but over a period of time and therefore it would take time.We need to have patience which  is lacking in most of us.Let us reminds ourselves that its not going to happen over night but over a period of time.Lets just take one day at a time. we are so consume with what our credit score would look like and we forget the big picture which is to be debt free ,eventually our score will be mnuch better than when we started.

  • The steps outlined below can help you reach this goal. Now you won't solve your financial problems overnight, but if you remain committed to the plan and take the time to find the right debt management partner, your hard work will pay off.

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