As if I don't have enough going on, let's talk about how the wedding plans are going!  Remember when I said, "Hey, no worries, it's over eleven months away?"  Well, we are now at less than six months and closing. . . and the worries are adding up.  As I have mentioned, we are doing a "destination wedding;" what we recently learned is that where we are going, it will be very difficult to do a "legal" ceremony, so it is recommended that we do a legal ceremony in the States and a "symbolic" ceremony at our destination. Okay--  wasn't prepared for that.  So, now we have our "events" taking place in December, but we have an event in August!  Yep--we will legally be married in August.  On top of that, the moms involved ever so gently asked if we were going to have a ceremony can we go ahead and make it a religious ceremony....oh why not?!   So, besides being consumed with work, consumed by debt, and planning a budget-friendly destination wedding, we now have to add to it a ceremony in August, which includes doing a couples retreat prior to the ceremony and some additional, unplanned, events that go along with this day.  So much for the Justice of The Peace! 

So, before I was able to get completely overwhelmed, a couple of things happened that made this all a little bit easier.  While were meeting, the representative that will be handling our religious ceremony mentioned that because I am not having a large event and it will mainly be me, my fiancé and our immediate families, she could give me the name of the bride getting married after me and we can share costs. Hmmm . . . I never thought about that.  Flowers, music, decor - who wouldn't be interested in sharing in that!  What about "the dress?"  I found a great deal on the dress I want to wear to my destination wedding, but it doesn't quite work for a religious ceremony. Well, because it is not going to be a big event, I found a simple white summer dress that is perfect, and on sale!  Not only will I wear it again and again, but it will also be part of the destination event. 

While I dreamed it would be easy and simple, I knew the reality was that this was going to be a frustrating year of planning, with many hiccups.  We have remained true to our budget though....and are excited that we'll be married at the end of the year, and will still be financially intact!

Katie Simmons

Katie is a participant in the CareOne Debt Management Plan. Katie is a contributing writer for the Single & settling in blog. Katie's story is not unique. She lived beyond her means and it caught up to her! Over 2 years ago she made the decision that no one could get her out of the mess she created with her debt, but her. Since then, she has embarked on an adventure of learning how to take care of herself without credit cards in her life and how hard it can be to be single and in debt. She is experiencing every challenge and every success while working her hardest to be debt free. Compensated CareOne Blogger.