How many times do we say, "If I just had 1 more hour..." or "I would be able to get so much more done, if I just had another day..."  Let's think about it though. Would we really, or is it just an excuse? 

I spent an entire summer interning in Washington, D.C. years ago.  I couldn't wait to experience everything D.C. had to offer - museums, parks, and events.  Two days before I had to pack and move back to my hometown, I begged a co-worker to take me on a bike tour through the city so I could at least say I saw some of the things I wanted to! 

Bottom line, we have to make our own time and stick to it.  Kind of like our budget!  There are four weeks left of summer. What did you promise yourself at the beginning of the summer that you were going to do that you haven't yet?  Time is running out.  Make it a priority. 

In previous blogs I have talked about "stay-cations" and touring your own hometown (take a look at "Pinching Pennies" and "Be Your Own Tour Guide"), but something I did recently that didn't cost me a thing and allowed me some true time to myself: I took a day off and spent it at home.  Boring, right?  No way! 

Got to sleep in a bit and I went to the pool, which was not surrounded by kids splashing and competing radios.  I rented a video and watched a movie at 2:00 in the afternoon, ate a bunch of different things that didn't make sense but didn't seem to matter on my "vacation" day, and ended the day with a hot bath and a good book.  I went to bed relaxed, re-energized, and ready to tackle the next day.  Sometimes a day at home is just what the doctor ordered - think about how many times you have come back from a vacation and have needed a vacation! 

So, as I was trying to get some ideas about what I wanted to do before summer ended, I came across this great article  - check it out. There are some great ideas about how to end your summer right, especially if my vacation day at home doesn't appeal to you!  Come to find out, traveling at the end of the summer may actually be better - and cheaper!  Don't make any more excuses - do something fun before the sun sets.

Katie Simmons

Katie is a participant in the CareOne Debt Management Plan. Katie is a contributing writer for the Single & settling in blog. Katie's story is not unique.  She lived beyond her means and it caught up to her!  Over 2 years ago she made the decision that no one could get her out of the mess she created with her debt, but her.  Since then, she has embarked on an adventure of learning how to take care of herself without credit cards in her life and how hard it can be to be single and in debt.  She is experiencing every challenge and every success while working her hardest to be debt free. Compensated CareOne Blogger.