I can't believe I am getting ready to ask this.....Are you ready for Christmas? 

I know, I know, no one ever wants to think about the stress of the holidays before fall is even here, but they always sneak up on us and I am here to remind you: start early.  If you start early, you can actually enjoy them a bit, instead of making it a stressful season. 

If you are part of a family or group of friends that does the "gift thing," there is no time like the present (no pun intended!). 

Make a list of people you know you will have to buy for, and start to buy a gift once a week; depending on how many people you have, you can be done by Halloween!  As the season gets closer, some prices will go up; try to find some good deals now. 

How about some of these ideas for things you can do now that will take the pressure off later?:


Make a list!  What do you want, what do you need, what do you have, and what can you do without? Decorations, gifts, parties, whatever - go in with a plan!

Pull out the cards you bought on sale at the end of last year and start writing--seriously! Have them signed, addressed, stamped, and ready to go; come December - just mail them!

No one says you can't start baking....that's what freezers are for!

If you buy something....wrap it!  You can find discount wrapping paper online, especially now when no one is buying it - or pull your decor from last year; there is bound to be a roll or two left.

Those are just a couple of ideas that are relatively easy to do. Imagine the difference it will make when your schedule starts to get full and the malls start to get crowded - you can sit at home and pat yourself on the back for planning ahead! 

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Katie Simmons

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