Those of you that have followed my posts know that this has been quite a year with regards to my wedding planning.  We are (obviously) on a budget and were trying to do everything in our power to make things nice and easy. Well, as the title of my blog states, yes, I have ended up with 3 weddings! 

My fiancé (now husband, I guess!) and I had decided on doing a destination wedding.  All was going well until we realized that it was going to be a lot easier to get legally married in the states than at the destination we chose, so we decided to have a small affair where we live to officially tie the knot. 

Well, with lots of uninvited guests and much anticipated drama later, we ended up having a beautiful ceremony (should have stopped there) and a wonderful party for a mere 50 people (started out at 15) at our very small home!  No stress at all! 

Okay, I am exaggerating, it wasn't really that bad, but the reason why we didn't want to make this a big deal is because we truly want to recognize our wedding at our destination ceremony in December and didn't want people to feel obligated to go to a million different events for us! 

We were challenged to become creative with our budget early on.  As our guest list grew and our different obligations surfaced, we changed things up a bit.  We did not want to spend a lot of money on this affair, but we also did not want to shift any of the expense to our family or friends. 

So we made some inventive and creative moves that allowed our family and friends to help, without being burdened with additional expense.  As my guest list grew, so did my creativity!  I think some of the ideas are pretty neat and they certainly worked well with our first wedding event!

If you or somebody you know is trying to have a wedding on a tight budget, here are some creative and budget friendly ideas that worked for me:

  • I created very basic "invitations" that I e-mailed or passed out to folks - again, we didn't want it to seem like a big, formal deal. 
  • In lieu of gifts, we asked on the invites for folks to take a look at my wish list for menu items and drinks. People called or e-mailed and let me know what they preferred to bring and it helped us out a great deal; no one had to worry about gifts and cards and such.  I think it was a big hit!  Here's another article I found with some great ideas that I incorporated:
  • I made my own wedding ceremony programs.
  • I chose to serve cupcakes to celebrate instead of cake, which always seems to be left uneaten! 
  • We made Sangria instead of having bottles of wine...the list go on and on. 
  • The bottom line: it was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves - no stuffiness, no pressure, just fun.  Great start to my 3 wedding celebrations! 

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Katie Simmons

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