In College and Starting Out

In college and just starting out as young adults, read along as these bloggers face a new stage and increased responsibility.
  • In College and Starting Out

    Half-Priced College Degree

    After I graduated from high school, I wasn’t sure of which degree I wanted to pursue or where I wanted to go to college. So, instead of trying to find my niche at an expensive university, I decided to give community college a try. A good idea, I must say, because most community colleges are set up as pay per credit instead of a large lump sum. A perfect situation for someone like me! I attended my community college for two years, for approximately $12,000, compared to $20,000 at a major university. In those two years, I was able to take all of my general education courses, plus others devoted to my major, with most transferring to my chosen university. Going to a community college gave me the room and time I needed to explore my options -- without incurring major debt. ...
  • In College and Starting Out

    Summer Weekend Fun for College Students – Without Breaking the Bank!

    I love summer. That’s true for most college students, but a summer job and the stress of saving for next semester can put a damper on summer activities. My friends and I have become very frugal over the years, because we know what it’s like to be in college without the funds to do things on the weekends. Even though we’re older now, we’re still savers and know how to have a low-cost weekend of summer fun. Our favorite summer activity is going to the drive-in. It’s much cheaper than going to the theater. A ticket costs less than a ticket at the movie theater, plus we get to see two movies for the price of one. We pack up the cooler with drinks and snacks - which is cheaper than buying food at the snack bar. ...
  • In College and Starting Out

    Affordable Health Care for College Students

    After graduating high school, my parents were forced to cancel our families’ health insurance, due to increasing costs. My father had several medical conditions that couldn’t go without attention, so he signed up for Medicare, but my mother and I were not as fortunate to have the opportunity. Since that time, five years ago, my mother and I have been without health insurance, which is a growing problem for many families and college students. In fact, approximately 30 percent of college students don’t have health insurance. As one of those students, I know how hard it is to go through college without financial medical help – not to mention the fear “if something happens.” ...
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