In College and Starting Out

In college and just starting out as young adults, read along as these bloggers face a new stage and increased responsibility.
  • In College and Starting Out

    Credit Cards Can Be a Dangerous Option for College Students

    Even though everyone was telling me that this was a dangerous decision, I applied for a credit card and was approved with a limit of $500. I told myself that I was only going to use the card for emergencies and to build up my credit – but I soon found out that I had no will-power. I was 18 years old with $500 to spend – not understanding the full realization that someday I’d have to pay it back. Without a second thought, I was soon in debt and things only got worse from there. With Christmas around the corner, I found myself approved for yet another credit card, but this time it was a whopping $2,000. How could I resist? Knowing I needed money to buy gifts – I thought this would be a good way to do just that. Soon after, I got a clothing store credit card with a very low credit limit. Needless to say I spent that right away. ...
  • In College and Starting Out

    Used Textbooks Are the Way To Save

    I loved college. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my young life. Even though I enjoyed college, there was one aspect I loathed – textbooks. College textbooks are a substantial part of what makes college expensive – especially if you are a science or math major (science textbooks can cost over $200 when bought new in a campus bookstore). ...
  • In College and Starting Out

    Eating Cheaply Yet Healthy While in College

    Eating healthy in college is extremely difficult since so many college students have trouble managing their time. Between classes, papers, exams, activities, work, and lack of money, it’s very difficult to find time to sit down and have a proper meal. Unlike some college students, I did not gain the “freshman fifteen.” I was lucky, because I understand the “freshman fifteen” is no myth. In fact, my freshman year, I barely ate at all. I couldn’t find the time or money. And, when I had the time, I chose to sleep instead – yet another bad idea. ...
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