Summer is almost over and the fall semester is just a couple of weeks away - which means it's time to buy books, school supplies, dorm supplies, etc. Starting back to school can be very expensive, but there are many ways to save.

When I started back to school, I bought my school supplies (notebooks, pencils, ink pens, folders, etc) at a discount store, such as a Dollar Store.  They were good quality and very cheap and I was able to buy enough supplies to last me the entire year.  Dollar stores are also good places to buy toiletries for dorms and apartments.  Some friends of mine would buy their supplies and toiletries in bulk at a store like Costco, so that they would last virtually the full year.  It's a little more pricy than buying at a dollar store, but it saved them time and some money in the end. 

As for bedding, appliances, and other living necessities, look for back-to-school sales or consider buying used (as long as everything is still in good shape).  If you're returning to school for another year, consider using items left over from last year.  

Books are the most expensive part of a new semester, so I always tried to buy used books online.  Buying used books can save hundreds of dollars whether you're buying them in the bookstore or online.

Saving money on school supplies can alleviate a lot of stress when starting back to school.  When I was a freshman I was already stressed to be starting college, but my stress was doubled when I realized the costs of supplies.  Though, after a year or two, I learned that buying items in bulk and buying used items were wonderful saving strategies that all college students can follow!