During the exciting journey of finding a job after college, I’m learning that most job-search Web sites are like black holes.  Don’t get me wrong, I can find some job postings on Monster, Hot-Jobs, Career Builder, etc, but I also get search yields for movie extras, survey takers, and many other jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with my career.  I’m learning that it’s better to skip to other sites that filter these unnecessary posts.  In my opinion, it’s better to go directly to company Web sites and see if they have any jobs posted.  Going directly to companies that you’re interested in is a good way to find jobs, but also helps you familiarize yourself with the company.   

If you’re not sure which companies to search, you can take advantage of your state’s career agencies.  I looked into mine -- Pennsylvania Career-Link -- which was a more reliable way to find jobs online in my area.  I was able to create a resume online, browse and apply for jobs, plus many other helpful tools.  They also have actual offices where you can go and speak to advisors that will help you build a resume and browse for jobs.  Utilizing tools like these are a big help when in the job search.  (Finding out if your state offers a similar agency is a good idea.) 

I also look on temp agency Web sites for job postings, because they usually have a few professional jobs posted in my area.  You can apply for these positions, because they aren’t necessarily for temps.  Hooking up with a temp agency isn’t a bad idea either, because they’re very helpful when it comes to finding jobs.  You can sign up for “temp to hire positions,” which gives a more secure position compared to just a temporary. 

Although I’m not particularly fond of job-search websites, there is one that I have grown to like.  It’s called indeed.com and it posts all relative jobs for your career field, in your city, from practically every job-search engine.  I like this, because it filters out all the job-search “spam” and it offers a lot of options. 

I’m not trying to scare anyone away from using job-search Web sites, but there are some that are pretty useless when it comes to job hunting.  It’s just important to be smart about what sites to use and how to utilize them.  Most importantly, remember that there are options.

What are you using to find a job? Have you learned anything along the way? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section so we can all learn together and share our journeys.