October, 2009

In College and Starting Out

In college and just starting out as young adults, read along as these bloggers face a new stage and increased responsibility.
  • In College and Starting Out

    Joining “Clubs” in College


    Being a member of any sort of college organization is a great move. Whether it's an honor society, sorority/fraternity, SGA, etc., joining these organizations are a great way to meet new people, make friends, enhance your resume, and build skills. Joining a "club" or two demonstrates that you are well-rounded and active in your community. Having these skills and activities listed on your resume may help you land your first job!

  • In College and Starting Out

    Fun and Frugal Fall Activities for College Students


    A new semester has just begun; before you know it mid-term exams and projects are due. Fall semester is a very stressful time for college students; to alleviate stress, there are many fun and frugal fall activities to enjoy.

  • In College and Starting Out

    Choosing a Major That’s Right for You


    When I graduated from high school, I thought deciding where I wanted to attend college was going to be difficult then I looked at the list of possible majors; my eyes went crossed!  There are so many majors to choose from your opportunities are endless. Knowing where to find help, who to talk to, and what to research will make the process easier.  The blog, "Choosing a Major that's Right for You," uses personal experience to give advice on how to go about choosing a major that fits you and your future goals.

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Settling In

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Balancing It All

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The New Retirement

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