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Fun and Frugal Fall Activities for College Students

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A new semester has just begun; before you know it mid-term exams and projects are due. Fall semester is a very stressful time for college students; to alleviate stress, there are many fun and frugal fall activities to enjoy.

My favorite fall activity happens to take place at my local amusement park.  During the month of October they turn the entire amusement park into a haunted attraction. You get to enjoy all the rides with the added bonus of seasonal fun at half price.  Check out your local amusement park for seasonal rates and special activities.  Haunted houses, hay-rides, and ghost walks are also fun frugal fall activities.  Most have promotional nights for college students, offering discount tickets. If not, tickets are usually a reasonable price, so if you do visit one of these attractions, don't consider it a splurge.

What says Halloween more than a scary movie marathon!  My friends and I rent a couple classics and make a night of it at home.  Renting older movies such as these are relatively inexpensive; about 3 movies for five dollars. 

If you prefer the big screen, local theaters and libraries will often run older, scary, flicks.  Tickets are usually inexpensive and some venues will even offer additional discounts to students.  Researching your local paper, community bulletin boards, and word of mouth are often the best ways to find out about events in your area

Fall is such a beautiful season why not lace up your sneakers and go hiking or biking?  Check out your local state parks for trails allowing you to enjoy the fall foliage.

 Are you ready for some football? Gather the gang and enjoy an afternoon of camaraderie and laughs. These activities are free with the added health benefit of exercise. 

All of these activities are perfect for college students, because they're fun and frugal.  Take time to enjoy fall, because before you know it finals will be here!

  • Parental displeasure aside, my point is that foliage can be fun. This is an important point, given that it is now officially autumn, and the leaves are starting to fall.

  • There is no other time of year where sticking to your budget is more important than now, but so many of us chicken out and abandon on budgets and under the pretense of "holiday spirit-itus".

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