During my years in college, I was never financially able to go on vacations during spring break.  With the price of airline tickets, hotels, food, fun, etc - a vacation was too expensive.  Even though I wasn't able to go on a trip over break, I made the most of it. 

Spring break was always a great time to catch up with old friends.  A casual night out with friends or family was a nice way for me to unwind and enjoy myself over break.  My friends and I would go out to dinner, for drinks, shopping - which was definitely cheaper than flying to Cabo for the week.  And, depending on the weather, we would visit a park close to our home that allowed us to hike, picnic outside, and check out waterfalls.  Activities such as these are always a fun thing to do!    

Another thing I always liked to do over break was, relax.  Whether it be catching up on sleep, lounging and watching T.V., going to get my hair cut, or exercising.  Because - let's face it - college students don't have a lot of time for "rest and relaxation," so spring break is the opportune time for it.  It may not seem like a blast to some, but I found not doing much of anything over break was refreshing, and spent virtually no money.   

Now, I understand that there are many students who look forward to going on vacation over spring break, but many are worried about their finances.  Here are some ways to plan a fun and budget friendly trip. 

  • Save in advance - as early as the first week of school
  • Split the costs with friends - the more people, the more you'll save
  • Use reputable travel sites such as: www.travelocity.com or www.kayak.com
  • Keep a budget while on vacation - to make sure you don't spend more than your budget allows
  • Travel somewhere reasonable - a place that you can afford
  • Try to use cash instead of credit cards 

No matter what your idea of fun is, you can have an awesome spring break on a budget. Just remember to stay frugal, be realistic, and have fun.  Spring break is all about fun and blowing off steam, but you don't have to blow all of your money to do it. 

What are some of your "spring break on a budget" tips?  Do you enjoy staying home during spring break or traveling?  Let us know of all of the ways that you save money during your spring vacation!!