October, 2010

In College and Starting Out

In college and just starting out as young adults, read along as these bloggers face a new stage and increased responsibility.
  • In College and Starting Out

    What is Free Going to Cost You?


    There are tons of vendors that hang out on college campuses preying on unsuspecting college students.  All of these offers always seems like a good idea upfront, but read the fine print.  If it seems too be good to be true - it probably is!

  • In College and Starting Out

    I am Not Alone


    As I entered my freshman year of college a month ago, I thought that I would be one of the only people on a strict budget, with very little money. I also thought that people would spend freely while at college. Boy was I wrong!

  • In College and Starting Out

    Balancing My Checkbook Sucks


    At the end of each month, the bank sends me a statement for my checking account, telling me the transactions that have gone through since the last month. 

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