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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

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There are numerous ways to save money, such as:

  • Using a savings account
  • Joining a credit union
  • Stuffing money under a mattress
  • Burying a box of cash in the backyard
  • Saving change

Some of these ways are more traditional than others, but everyone has tried at least once to save their spare change. 

To some, saving spare change is a waste of time; but, from my experience, spare change can add up to a decent amount of money.  I've found that patience and a large pickle jar (the ones found at delis) is the way to go.  If you don't like pickles, consider an old-fashioned piggy bank, a "Kool-Aid" container, a coffee can, etc.   

I started saving my spare change during my freshman year of college. 

A friend of mine suggested the idea and ever since I've been a change-saving machine.  Every time I use cash somewhere, I put the coins I receive as change into my large pickle jar.  Also, whenever I find coins under the bed, under a couch cushion, in the dryer, or in my pocket, I place them in the jar. 

I try not to cash in the change until the jar is full, but sometimes I've had to cash it in early.  The most money I've ever accumulated was $235, which helped me to buy books one semester. 

Another thing to take advantage of when saving coins is to watch for promotions from places like Coinstar.  Sometimes Coinstar has promotions where they allow you to cash in your coins for free.  Try saving your change until you hear about a promotion and then cash in. You can save a lot of money this way!   

I prefer using Coinstar over a bank, since I don't have to actually roll the coins.  Though, if you prefer not to pay a fee - a bank is right for you.  Also, some local businesses may take your spare coins because they're always looking for change. 

Saving spare change can be very helpful - it can help you to pay a credit card off, buy books for school, buy holiday gifts, etc.  If you have young kids, or nieces or nephews, try saving your spare change until the child's 18th birthday.  Then give them the money as a gift. 

Can you imagine how much money you could save for them?   

Do you save your spare change?  If so, how much money have you saved? 

What are some other generic ways you save your money?  Please, share with us!

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