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I Would Like to Thank…

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With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, it's important to remember to be thankful for all of the good in our lives - especially those who have helped us through tough times.

Our families and friends support us in many ways - whether it be with school, a career choice, or relationships, we look to our loved ones to help us make the right decisions. 

Through college and a few part-time jobs, my parents have supported me in more ways than one.  Not only did they support me emotionally, but they helped me financially, for which I'm very thankful. 

Even though I worked all through college, a part-time income was not always enough to pay for books, school supplies, gas, surprise doctor visits, food, bills, etc.  Thankfully, my parents were willing to help me whenever I needed some extra cash. 

As long as I stayed in school and maintained good grades, they were happy to help me any way they could.  If it wasn't for my parents, I don't think I could have finished school with a sane mind.  A lack of money can cause much unneeded stress, especially when you're in college; with the help of my folks, the stress seemed a little more bearable. 

Now that I'm working full-time and my parents still allow me to live at home, I help them financially whenever I can.  I pitch in for groceries, do my own laundry, pay a utility bill when I can, etc.  This may not seem like much, but they appreciate the help. 

For those that have helped you financially, either in the past or now, do what you can to show them your appreciation.  It's important to show them that you are thankful.  Send them a bouquet of flowers, offer to run errands for them, send them a homemade thank you - anything you can think of will be appreciated 

Has someone helped you through some tough financial times?   How did you thank them?  Please, share your story!

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Mary is a contributing writer for the Just Graduated & Starting Out blog. She is a recent college graduate, with an English Writing degree from the University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg, and she's in debt. Mary shares her experiences with job searching, managing her finances on a part-time job, and ways to save money along the way. Compensated CareOne Blogger.

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  • Your post has reminded me how many people have given me support throughout my lifetime.  I love Thanksgiving - reflecting upon all the good things in my life really helps me put things in perspective!

  • To be thankful for my own financial habits may seem silly and self-centered, but I've had much financial difficulty due to lack of will power and bad financial decisions.

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