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Are you currently retired or planning on retiring very soon? If so, this is the group for you. Times have changed and so has retirement. Learn how others are redefining retirement.
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Retired & Widowed Judy is retired and recently widowed. She talks about living on a fixed retirement income as a widow 13
Retired and Loving It Retirement is not without its financial challenges. Learn how our retired bloggers are handling life on a fixed income. 124
  • Retired and Loving It

    How to Save Money on Health Insurance - Part 1

    When it comes to interpreting Health Insurance Policies, you can get very confused and not really understand the benefits and limitations until you actually incur a medical problem and need to use the insurance. By being pro-active and learning a few things, you can save money within the Plan. Here are some tips that my help:...
  • Retired and Loving It

    Affordable Healthcare and Prescriptions

    Well, it finally happened, I turned 65 this month and what a glorious celebration. I no longer have to worry about COBRA since I am happily on Medicare, both Parts A and B. I had to purchase a Medicare Supplemental Plan since Medicare does not cover all medical expenses. So after checking the rates with the various insurance carriers, I decided to go with an AARP Supplemental Plan costing about $130 a month that will pick up all my co-pays, deductibles under Medicare and offer additional benefits. When I need medical care, I will have wrap-around protection between both plans....
  • Retired and Loving It

    Preparing for that Final Journey

    Maybe it’s because we live in a retirement community where only retired folks over the age of 55 can live, that there seems to be frequent deaths. I never used to read the obituaries but it has become a daily routine here. Well, it happened again this week, another man from our church passed away and this was a shock as he was only 62 years old and had gone into the hospital on Wednesday with a collapsed lung. He died on Sunday. So we will need to assist his widow with all of the arrangements for the Celebration of Life Service. Since I work in the church office as the Pastor’s Assistant, I am called upon to handle flowers, arrange luncheons and prepare a service bulletin for this service. ...
  • Retired and Loving It

    Entertaining on a Shoestring

    I just attended my exciting “Hors D’Oeuvres For Dummies” class through our local college and was it ever fun. You talk about entertaining friends on a shoestring, this was it. There were 11 other retired ladies who took the class with me at Joyce’s absolutely beautiful home. We sat around her horseshoe-shaped counter on 12 stools and watched as she gathered all of the ingredients for the class. Then each one of the students had to prepare one of the appetizers. These appetizers were terrific because they were not only very filling but each one only required 2-3 ingredients. You talk about simple and fun! ...
  • Retired and Loving It

    Buying a Car – Patience Pays

    Well, we bit the bullet and went shopping the end of May for a newer car with low miles and great gas mileage. What an adventure it turned out to be taking the whole day from 12:00 pm until 6:00 pm before we drove out of the dealership with our new-used car. But what interesting things I learned as I watched Hubby negotiate with the salesman to get everything he wanted in our 2008 model. ...
  • Retired and Loving It

    Debt Free Retirement

    Debt is like an albatross that hangs around your neck and never lets you have peace. It can consume your thoughts and rob you of joy in your life. The friction and arguments it creates has destroyed so many marriages. Sometimes it’s not always the lack of money but how one spends it that leads to the often heard remarks, “You don’t need another pocketbook or blouse or pair of shoes”. Ask many women why they continue to work and maintain some independence and they will tell you they will never go back to “asking for money” in their marriage again or justifying things they may want to purchase for their home. Even in retirement, so many people still work just for that little bit of extra income to travel and have the ability to maintain the same lifestyle as when they had their careers. ...
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