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Holiday Blessings

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turkeyWe are getting close to the holidays.  A wonderful event that a lot of the churches in our area hold is the Annual Christmas Dinner. Our church will be hosting dinners for almost 200 people and it will be quite a feast. I will bring home a carton of food to prepare for the buffet table that will include a 20 lb turkey and all of the bread to make the stuffing. Other ladies in our church will be making the vegetables, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and dessert.


This is such a benefit to our older couples here who are unable to cook and who cannot afford to eat in a restaurant. Every year we have more and more families that participate in this wonderful celebration. Last year we had a pot luck dinner and everyone brought a dish but the ladies decided this year to cook all of the food and ask for a $5.00 donation per person. The first tickets went to all of the Singles in our church who had no family in the area. A lot of our folks will be traveling out of the area to visit their children and grandchildren. But so many cannot afford to travel so they stay home for the holidays.


In spite of all the turmoil in our economy, we still have so much to be thankful for and just reaching out to help others who are less fortunate can reinstate that fact instantly. This week one of our ladies celebrating her 87th birthday had to move from her home into an Assisted Living apartment in our community. She only has one daughter who lives in Hawaii. Our Helping Hands Ministry ladies arranged for her to sell her home, helped to pack up her house and moved her into her new apartment. We went over to have cake as she celebrated this great occasion with the other 23 residents. Midge then showed us her lovely apartment, already complete with pictures on the wall and furniture in place and a little basket for her Toy Poodle who she was allowed to bring with her.  


She was just so excited to be in her new home, to have lots of activities to do and a huge social network of wonderful friends who share the same things in this stage of her life.


  • Thanks for this positive, uplifting story.  Sometimes we forget how much we have, how much we can help, and the help available for us if and when we need it!  Thanks!

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