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Start a New Lifestyle

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Have you ever felt as though your life was in a rut and that you wanted to change things but just did not know where to start. Well, I am going to give you some examples of how to get out of that rut and pursue a whole new lifestyle to healthy living where you can feel victorious and in charge of your life.

If you can gain control of your health and your weight, then you will be able to exert control over other areas of your life. 

Many people in debt have this common thread as they feel so victimized by their own poor decisions or through unfortunate circumstances that have eroded their lifestyle.

And being of retirement age makes no difference as many of us have seen our savings evaporated through this devastating recession and for some at the hands of dishonest money managers. And many of us have seen our health fail due to stress over this loss of earnings and revenue stream which can then translate into weight gain and apathy.

  • Stop procrastinating: you must make time to take care of your health and build a plan into your schedule just like you do work, eating and going to a movie. By taking action, you will feel so much better about yourself.
  • Don't keep making excuses: most people use genetics, lack of time, being big-boned, cultural reasons and can't afford gym membership or health food.
  • Get off of that couch: even if you have to go out and get a dog, get moving. Start walking, even a little bit, to form another good habit of activity and taking action
  • Do not ignore your body signals: if you are especially tired, have shortness of breath, depression, joint and muscle pain, lack of sleep, headaches, and feel bloated, you need to get a physical exam and find out what these signals mean. Once again, take some action!
  • Don't expect immediate success: new habits take at least 21 days to form. Take one small step at a time. If you can walk 6 blocks and back, that is a start. Gain those feelings of self-satisfaction and self-worth that you attain once you have developed new habits and changed the direction of your health.
  • Whatever you do, stop that whining: no one wants to be with a "whiner". You want to surround yourself with others who build you up, not tear you down. Making positive changes in your behavior may spare you of a future heart attack or stroke or a premature death. So don't whine about exercising and eating healthy and find friends to support you on the way.
  • Stop storing provisions for failure: replace your empty calorie snacks with nutritious fruit cups, nuts, whole grain snacks, fresh fruit salad and I especially love frozen grapes. They are so sweet and delicious in the evening.
  • Don't use food as a reward: celebrating great moments and special occasions does not call for an endless food buffet; remember to keep portion control in mind at all times.
  • Stop neglecting your spiritual health: remember that you are the "caretaker" of the body that you've been given. Be a good steward of that magnificent machine and keep it running smoothly and healthy.

Finally stay away from refined sugars, trans-fatty acids, highly processed foods, huge portions, skipping meals, ignoring calories, dehydration, fried foods, and high-glycemic index foods. It is better to eat small portions six times a day than three large meals a day. Keep your body fueled throughout the day with healthy selections of food. Gaining control of just this one area of your life will fuel your motivation to tackle and take control of every area of your life. Good luck!


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