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We Were Green Before It Was Vogue

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As retirees living in a retirement community, we are certainly well aware of the environment and our affect on it.

There are many environmentally responsible programs that our retirement community actively enforces.

In addition, many of us are embracing the commitment to conserve energy. 

We have found a lot of little ways to make a big impact on our environment.

I am going to share some of the various ways my retired lifestyle "goes green".  

  • Recycling.  Our retirement community if very committed to operating as environmentally responsibly as possible. As a result our community is very proactive with its recycling programs. My husband and I really enjoy re-cycling and it is absolutely amazing to see how quickly our re-cycle bin fills up with; empty plastic milk bottles, cans, newspapers, cardboard cereal boxes, soda cans, and empty jars. Our community also re-cycles water. Because we live in Florida, all of our homes are built with lawn sprinklers. In the event of a drought, this keeps the lawns and shrubs green and beautiful. The water for our sprinkling system is re-cycled from the ponds that collect the rain water. This is called our aqua-system; which takes the run off rain and recycles it through our irrigation system. When we have heavy rains that flood our golf courses, they will transfer water from one pond on the golf course to another through an underground system. In addition, we are only allowed to turn on our lawn sprinkler systems once a week for twenty minutes to preserve the water supply.  
  • Rethink transportation.  Living in such an environmentally proactive retirement community is great; but we are doing our part as well. Many of our friends are now driving hybrid cars that are friendlier to the environment. Many of the couples here have even sold one of their cars and use a golf cart for all of their traveling within the retirement community. We have all the restaurants, hospital, doctors, churches, shopping centers and businesses right here. Since we have 75,000 people and 35 miles of roads and golf cart paths, you can literally get anywhere on your golf cart without ever have to leave the community. People here also drive little scooters and ride bicycles.  
  • Reuseable bags.  Shopping is something we all need to do in some way, but fortunately there are plenty of ways to make a difference when running your errands. All of our food stores now have the reusable cloth grocery bags and encourage us to use them instead of plastic bags.  
  • Consider used items.  Rather than buying new furniture, we buy second hand furniture from several stores located here. Most of it is "gently used" and may be practically new as many couples move back to their hometown to be with the children or because a spouse has passed on. We can buy beautiful sofas, dining room sets, bedroom sets and kitchen sets for half of the price of a new one.  Be sure to decorate with antiques and older items. We also buy a lot of our clothes from the Thrift Shops here as they are like new and this really helps to lower the emissions caused by the manufacturing process. We also swap paperback books, DVDs and CDs.  
  • Water uses.  We refill our bottles with filtered tap water using a Brita water filter or purchasing a water filtration system for the home and we wash our clothes in cold water.  

These are just a few of the helpful tips for going green and they are totally painless, you really don't have to give up anything. What little ways have you found to "go green"? 

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