Back to school will mean lots of buses on the roads, not to mention lots of waiting as the children board and unboard them at all of the neighborhood stops. We don't have too many schools here in The Villages since we are a retirement community, but we do have one Charter Middle School and High School, which are fantastic! If you work for The Villages, you are permitted to get your name on the waiting list for your children to attend our Charter Schools. The teachers are the best and the classes are small in size. All of the children are required to wear uniforms and their parents must volunteer to serve in the school in some capacity.  

They want the parents involved with their children and the regulations are extremely firm. No second chances in this school. If you don't obey the rules, you lose your privilege to be there. There are too many children on a waiting list who want the education that the school offers. My friend just got a job as a teacher's aide and hopes to be promoted into a teaching position after she has worked there for a while. At least she has her "foot in the door."  She worked in the food services area last year and had to take several courses to become certified to teach in the state of Florida.  

Of course, all of our stores are loaded with back to school supplies. Once school starts, I feel as though it is the end of our summer, even though summer does not officially end until September 23. This is when I have all of those great intentions of doing the fall cleaning in the house. It's the time to get everything organized again, since this was always a ritual for me when the boys were younger and in school. Old habits die hard, and I am still in that routine. So, the window blinds get cleaned, the comforters are washed, and the rugs are professionally shampooed. Then I hit the closets and weed out the clothes that need to go to Good Will and move some of them into the guest room closet.  

We get the landscaping updated with fall flowers and the cars tuned up. We make our travel plans for traveling back up North for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. So, our life has taken a distinct turn when school starts, now that we are retired. No more buying school supplies for the boys and shopping for new school clothes. Those expenses we no longer have to bear, but our children are now in that place where we used to be. We have once again moved into another new chapter in our lives.

Linda Reese

Linda is a contributing writer for the Retired & Loving it blog. Linda is retired, married, and enjoying her retirement in a retirement community in Florida. She shares her experiences with others who are facing retirement or already there with posts on living on a fixed income, budgeting, and healthcare issues. Compensated CareOne Blogger.