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Aging Pets…Prepare For Their Expenses

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If you have read my blogs in the past, you know that I am an animal lover. My animals are my four-legged children. I know that some of you out there are like me. We shower our pets with love and attention, and spare no cost when it comes to their health and happiness. 

Aging Pets…Prepare For Their Expenses I have to say that my two canine companions are not innocent in what eventually got me into my DMP, but I will argue that they are worth every cent. Now I have to start to prepare for their aging years.

My husband and I don't like to think about the day when we will lose one of our dogs. The reality is that it will happen. Our time with them is too short, so this year we started to think and plan for what kind of costs will be associated with them as they get older.

All too often I hear about different rescues that cater to taking in "senior" pets because their owners just can't  afford to care for them in their final years. I can't bear that thought, so we have decided we will be proactive and prepare the best way we can.

  • Talk to your vet.  We made an appointment to just go in and review the history of both our dogs and some of the conditions that may come up based on their breed and history.
  • Get insurance.  We have almost always had Pet Insurance for our dogs, but now is the best time.  The sooner you get it the more it will cover.  Our current plan even covers the cost of treatments for cancer or other conditions that normally would break our bank.  We pay less than $30 a month to cover both pets, so it pays for itself in no time.
  • Take a preventative approach.  Maintaining a good weight for your pets will help with joint issues, and keeping them active keeps them happy and healthy. Sometimes it is just the simple things we can do that are the most effective.
  • Use vitamins.  Some of the basic things that you and I take on a daily basis can benefit your pet too-talk to your vet about what can help your pet.

I get that I can't keep them forever, but at least I can do my part to make them as happy, healthy, and comfortable as possible in the last years they have with us.

I at least owe them that for all they have done for me over the last eight years, don't I?

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  • I am also a pet lover. I have 3 dogs and a cat. I agree you have to prepare for the unexpected cost. Our cat recently got sick and almost died. Evidently my spouse brought in a virus from the outside stray cats we feed and gave it to our house cat. He spent a night at the vets with IV's and antibiotics and it cost a bundle. He also did not get better and almost died. I had to force chicken broth down his throat 5cc's every hour on the hour for 2 days and nights or he would have died. He did not eat for 4 days so I knew I had to try something drastic. I also used afrin nasal spray to unclog his nose so he could smell so he would start eating and drinking. Thankfully we had put money back into our savings account for such emergencies and was able to afford his vet bills. I don't have pet insurance and would be very interested in getting some. If it's not a bother could you let me know with whom you have pet insurance with? I have 3 dogs and the cat and pet insurance would be a blessing and worth every penny. Thanks. Carol Barendregt

  • Carol - always great to hear from another 4-legged baby owner!  As you experience different things with your pets I would love to hear more about how you overcome them...never would have thought of Afrin!  I know there are now several pet insurance companies out there that I am sure are great, I have used VPI Pet Insurance for many years and they have always met my needs.  I originally heard about them through my vet, so you may want to ask your vet for a recommendation as well.  Let me know what you decide!

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