We are continuing our featured segment for the My Journey out of Debt blog; CareOne Community Member Spotlight!

We are placing the spotlight on some of the familiar members you see engaging in the Community.

This week we talk to MTandoc.

CareOne Community Member Spotlight - MTandocHow did you hear about CareOne Debt Relief Services?

I heard it on the radio while driving to work.

Which Debt Relief Plan were you enrolled in and how much debt did you start with?

I was enrolled in the Debt Management Plan with a toal of $15,000 in debt.

What motivated you to seek help with your debt?

I was a housewife before I got divorced. I was a full-time nursing student and had no job. I tried continue through nursing school and wanted to finish since I was in full scholarship anyway.

I used all my savings and all the open credit cards I had to continue paying my monthly utilities, mortgage, and every day necessities. I finally exhausted my resources. I could no longer meet the minimum monthly payments and was getting calls from my creditors. I was forced to quit school and find a job. Being overwhelmed with all the debt I had to pay, I called CareOne for help. 

Why would you recommend CareOne to your family and friends?

I highly recommend CareOne because they helped me with the creditors.

How has CareOne given you a Second Chance?

The CareOne staff worked with me in coming up with an affordable fixed monthly payment for all my debt.

They also helped me reduce the interest on the credit cards. 

They were also flexible when I wanted to increase/decrease amount of my payment.

What advice would you give to those who are searching for debt relief options?

Don't give up and see bankruptcy as the only option for help. Try the Debt Management Program.

It may seem rough for the first couple of months (while your creditor decides on accepting/declining the program and you will need to continue paying your minimum payments) but it does get better and next thing you know, you have finished the program.

Continue to watch your monthly statements and make sure your payment due date with CareOne is before the creditors. 

Tell us something about yourself; a favorite hobby or a quote that helps you stay motivated?

I learned a lot of financial tips from CareOne's website. I read a lot of the small tips and it helps a lot.

I am also a different buyer now. Before, I looked at credit cards and loans as extra money, now I am more of a patient buyer. I carry a new quote which is, "No Cash means Can Not Afford". Then I save up for that "something" I want to buy.

Also, to stay out of financial trouble, I don't buy because it's "on sale". I save money first and wait for the good sales i.e. Black Friday or other holiday sales and just buy what I want or need.  

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