Discipline by Any Other Name Still Means the Same

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Discipline by Any Other Name Still Means the Same

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Discipline by Any Other Name Still Means the SameDiscipline often carries a negative overtone; however, no one can deny it yields beautiful results. Depending on the era you grew up in, it could mean anything from a firm talking to, punishment or what we often hear today.......Time Out.

When it comes to debt, I would have never looked at having lots of debt as being undisciplined. Taking a step back and looking my financial situation caused me to realize that discipline was exactly what I was missing. 

We have all seen the kicking and screaming, arms wailing, crying child who wants their way. My spending habits had become a little bit like that child. I felt like I had earned it and deserved it, even if at the time, I could not afford it. There was no real understanding of wants versus needs.

I was spending on impulse because I wanted it NOW and if I couldn't find the money, I would search through my wallet and CHARGE IT!! CHARGE IT!!! CHARGE IT!!! 

Once, I gathered myself together I realized that the tantrums were short lived but the financial burden was piling up. YES I was in need of some self-control and a literal time out.

It was time to be retrained and educate myself on how to live with responsible financial limits....All of the attributes that amount to discipline.

Like with everything in life, I first had to realize I had a problem before I could seek out the help I needed. The CareOne Debt Management Plan gave me the education and training I needed to learn how to be disciplined.

No longer do the phrases, "Be Patient" and "You can do without" make me cringe or break out into a financial tantrum. Being disciplined in my financial life created a calm and peacefulness for other areas of my life. True, discipline may not seem to be calming and you may initially feel challenged or uncomfortable, but once you practice discipline regularly, it yields a peaceful, less stressful life.


Zandra Halley, CareOne Debt Relief Services Debt Management Plan GraduateZandra Halley

Zandra is a graduate from the CareOne Debt Management Plan (DMP).  You may have seen her posting as ‘Motherofone’ in our Community. Zandra and her husband have a lovely daughter who was their motivation for tackling their financial future. Having successfully graduated from the DMP, Zandra will be sharing her tips and experience with all of you to help others be successful with their financial goals to pay off their debt. Follow Zandra in the My Journey out of Debt blog. Compensated CareOne Blogger.

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  • We're in a big time Time Out, and we deserve it.  14 years of being undisciplined with our finances definitely has it's consequences.  Luckily we've learned our lesson and are on our road to recovery!  Great post!

  • Thank you t-pizel, and yes it does have its consequences. It doesn't end after you complete the DMP.  Although we are no longer in financial trouble "time out", we still have to remain disciplined. I see that daily in my life as I work to continue to apply the lessons learned over the past five years.

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