First Quarter CheckupIt is about that time. I have told you about it in the past. I have reminded you to do it year after year. So, here it is the end of the 1st quarter of 2012 and I am telling you again: It's time to do a financial checkup. 

Whether you are just starting out on your Debt Management Plan (DMP) or other financial program or you are years into it, do yourself a favor and check in on how you are doing: 

  • Identify what's working with your budget and what isn't - Make your adjustments now!
  • Track your daily spending - Are there more places you can cut back?
  • Figure out where have you been slipping and how you can correct it.
  • Look at your income versus what you spend each month.
  • Create a plan for unforeseen expenses, if you don't already have one.

We all get lazy. Once we have a plan in place we just assume that it will work itself through and there is little need to adjust or review it. The truth is, even a quarterly review may not be enough.

Starting off, I tried to do it monthly, but then I fell into the lazy habit of being "comfortable" with what I was paying and not really paying attention to my budget anymore. I realized that I could firm some things up again.

Make it a habit just the same way it is natural to balance your checkbook or pay some bills. 

Giving yourself a financial checkup, especially when you are in debt and trying to get out of it, should become second nature. I know it is easy to avoid; sometimes you don't want to remind yourself how much debt you have or where your money is really going, but let's face it: it is what it is. 

We got ourselves into this; only we can get ourselves out of it.

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Katie Lupo, CareOne Debt Relief Services, BloggerKatie (Simmons) Lupo

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