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When Money is Tight

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When Money is TightWhen money is tight, I hear from people all the time: "I need to find a job!"

Then I ask them what it is they are looking for. Most of my clients say that they really don't care as long as they can bring home some much needed cash.

In reality, most of the people I know find excuses as to why a position when offerred, is not for them. I call them the dreamers. Prayers, dreams, The Secret, and other very useful books, when read by people who do not know their true meaning and message are not helping. The reason is that a lot of people believe in instant miracles. Hopes, dreams, aspirations and prayers are a great and positive way to look at life, but do not pay your immediate bills and responsibilities.

This is the trap that some people fall for. They wait for things to happen to them. In order to succeed in life, of course you have to be positive, be in tune with your environment, visualize a great outcome; but you also need to be realistic and WORK to achieve your goals.

If you want to become the next famous Rock Star for example, you can easily pack grocery bags while you work on your dream. A daily dose of reality keeps you grounded and makes you stronger. Until you stand on your own two feet and take responsibly for your own life, you will never truly know how strong you are.

So take charge of your life, work hard to achieve your goals and let nothing get in your way. Be respectful, determined and positive. Always give back to those who are willing to help you, always ask to help your fellow human beings and never hold back.

Times are hard, strange, and finances are tough. Credit card debt, Banks that don't give you the loan or break you need bills, mortgages, rents, car payments. Everyone would be thrilled to have their problems solved by the push of a button.

Hang in there, look in the mirror, make a daily reality check and ALWAYS be thankful for what you do have today.

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Debt Management Plan graduate, Mariella, CareOne bloggerMariella Stockmal

Mariella is a business management specialist who moved to the United States from Greece in 1998. She has since become an American citizen, lives in Santa Barbara, California and her passion is coaching and helping people who like to learn business, life organizational and financial tips. Mariella has been on a Debt Management Plan (DMP) customer with CareOne Debt Relief Services since 07/09/2009.

Mariella is a voracious reader, loves music and cooking, and is actively running her husband's small business. Being close to officially complete the Debt Management Plan, Mariella is very excited to share what her experience on the DMP was like as well as what made her experience a successful one. Look for more posts under the My Journey Out of Debt blog. Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger


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  • I really needed this.

  • It hard when ur partner is opposite from you. My boyfriend is dreamer all he does if i get this what I do. He is also play the mega million and powerball. We both are on disabilty plus I get child support and my small paycheck I mean small I only can work 10 or less hour. Plus he working with someone who help poeple get part time job with disablity so we have enough to save and put more in my dmp. He only get enough to pay one lottery for a week so he get 20 a month. That what we can afford. So he is dreamer and since I worry about our bills and my credit becuz he is big time in debt mostly it student loan so I face reality sometime I hate it and wish sometime I can dream but I dont i worry what happen if we cant pay that or what if something goes wrong I know we security with our disabilty but not child support or my job last year I couldnt work for 2 month in begin and close to end of year so that 4 month without my income and child support one i know but other will stop for while and then I harness the agency about till i get it. I am surprise I got it this long but dont know will it stop so. But I have goal and it reality I am know I am going to reach that goal later. It might take longer then alot of poeple but I am going to reach it. So while we have a dreamer and one face reality. It suck we not in same page but we talk about what he dream and what I want and we work harder to reach my goal. So he can play his lottery only 20 a month and rest go on my bills and my saving and my debt and so small stuff we need or what I want. I dont ask alot and dont need it. I have learn from dmp lot and i am bi polar so my problem is spend what we dont have but I am getting better at that.

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