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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For HelpAt one point or another in our life, we need to ask for help. We were never meant to handle life alone. At times, life gets hard, or at least very trying, and can be confusing. We sometimes make bad choices, or choices that need a lot of work. Many times we are in trouble because of no fault of our own.
Why are we so afraid to ask others for help?

  • We are afraid of being rejected. What is the worst someone can say? No. They may have a good reason why they can't help you; for instance, they may be short on time, finances, or the resources necessary to help you.  
  • We think we shouldn't have to ask for help.
  • We don't want to be a burden to someone else.
  • We feel we are losing control.
  • We feel weak and no longer capable of doing things for ourselves.

Believe me; we have been there. When we were young, we had to move back home with my parents a couple of times. Not just me, but my wife, child, and pet. It isn't easy to ask for help. You sometimes feel like a failure. You feel you can't take care of your family. 
It isn't always comfortable having two families living in the same house with different, let's call it, agendas of how to live. The imposing family wants to be out on their own as soon as possible.
Well, my parents helped me, and now I am doing the same. At the time of this writing, my daughter and her family had to move back home with us.
Let me assure you that people in general want to help. They may not always be able to or have the means, but maybe they can help in another way.
There are organizations out there for just this purpose. I am no expert on this so I won't pretend I am. CareOne is a good place to start to answer your questions, and you can go to the forum and ask where to get help for your situation. Everyone's situation is different. There is medical assistance and fuel assistance available, local churches and others, but the main thing is that you have to ask.
You can't get help if you don't ask. These organizations were set up by people who care-maybe by someone who went through some of what you are going through. The main point here is: Don't be afraid to ask. Someone wants to help you.

Dennis Bauman CareOne Customer Blogger and Debt management plan graduateDennis Bauman

Dennis Bauman has been on a Debt Management Plan (DMP) customer with CareOne Debt Relief Services since October of 2007 and recently graduated to become debt-free!! Dennis Bauman works in the manufacturing industry, creating floor tile. Having officially completed the Debt Management Plan, Dennis Bauman is excited to share what his experience on the DMP was like as well as what made his experience a successful one. Look for more posts under the My Journey Out of Debt blog. Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger.

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  • What if I want to pay-off the exact amount owed to each creditor in full. What steps are needed to be taken to accomplish this action. I only want to pay what is owed" At the time of payoff" to each creditor. An I sure there would be an extra fee/fees concidered to be paid to care one. So what are my options?

  • Hey Snowman,

    If I am not mistaken, there is no fees to payoff a creditor early.  What I did was called careone, after I called the creditor and got the payoff amount, through the paper work I had. They can connect you to who you need to talk to.   I told them who I wanted to pay off and told them the pay off amount. then careone took that amount out of my checking account that I had already set up with them, plus my next months payment. then when it came around they made my usual payments and made the payoff amount to the one creditor. There was no extra fee to pay.

  • I'm going through that myself. My family had to move back in with my parents, and my  husband is having a hard time finding a job. Believe me we want to get out of my parents house as quickly as possible. But my debt is out of control, and i really need help. Right now i feel afraid, since now i'm starting this program with careone wondering what the turnout will be. I'm doing this for myself and my family. They deserve more and better.

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